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New Driving Laws for 2011 in Texas

Texas is helping to lead the nation, in passing bans to using texting devices, cell phones, and other hand-held devices. In addition to the laws mentioned below, many more are in the works in the Texas legislature. Ten more bills have been submitted, which address texting and driving, and have been filed for consideration for the 2011 legislative session. According to lawmakers who are proposing these bills, they are trying to strike a fair compromise between civil liberties and safety.

The Texas State Transportation Institute reports that of all teenagers surveyed, over 2/3 have used a cell phone while driving, and 1/2 of those surveyed had texted while driving. According to statistics nationwide, use of cell phones and texting devices is the lead cause of car accidents for teenagers.

Many cities in Texas are in the process of putting laws into place which, if violated, carry hefty fines, between $200-$500, depending on the violation. Here are some cities which have put new laws into place.

SAN ANTONIO: A ban was put into effect for texting and driving, and ticketing began on January 14, 2011.

McALLEN: Has banned text messaging and related internet activity while driving, and violations carry up to $200 fines. This was put into effect on January 24, 2011.

ALVIN: A law is coming into effect in March 2011, which will ban texting and cell phone use in school zones.

MISSOURI CITY: In June 2010, a ban on texting while driving was put into effect, with extra city signage added, as a reminder of these laws.

SAN ANTONIO: A ban on texting and driving law went into effect 10/15/10.

More Distracted Driving laws are coming quickly, all across Texas, to help address the increased accident and injury rates due to inattentive driving. These are specifically related to hand-held communication and online devices.