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New Driving laws for Michigan

Lately I have noticed some changes to the Michigan driving laws. In 2010 Michigan has set in place steeper penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol, restrictions on when teenage drivers may be on the road, and how many passengers teens may have with them. Text while driving has now been added to part of the reckless driving laws in Michigan.

Michigan has had some of these laws implemented already, but it is very nice to see that they are making an effort to crack down and truly enforce these laws! Maybe you know someone who was hit by a car and the driver was on the phone? That is not an uncommon story! It happened to me! My son and I were walking in a cross walk and we were hit by a women who was on her cell phone! I know I am sick of seeing people text on the Freeway while they barely max out at 50mph! I am also glad to see that they are setting steeper penalties for DUI offenses, but it is still a shame that there are 5 and 6 and even 10 time DUI offenders out there! These new laws for Michigan have are now starting to pop up across the United States, so keep an eye out for changing laws in your state as we start 2011