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New Driving Laws in Georgia

New Cell Phone Laws in Georgia The State of Georgia has recently enacted new legislation regarding the use of cell phones while driving. House Bill 23 prohibits any person 18 years of age or younger from using any wireless communication device to send or receive text messages while operating a motor vehicle. Anyone caught violating this new law will be fined $150 and receive four points against their driver's license. The second law that was signed by Georgia Governor Perdue is Senate Bill 360. This forbids all drivers of any age from texting while operating a motor vehicle. Also known as the Caleb Sorohan Act, it was named after the 18-year old who was killed December 15, 2009. He crashed head-on into another vehicle while texting on his cell phone. Violators will receive one point on their driver's license and fined $150. Both of these new laws went into effect as of July 1, 2010.

Additional & Proposed Legislation

As of January 2010, Georgia now prohibits all school bus drivers from using any mobile or wireless communication device if one or more children are on the bus. House Bill 938 This proposed legislation would ban drivers from sending or reading text messages while operating a motor vehicle. The penalties would include a fine ranging from $50 to $100, plus two points on their driver's license. Currently the bill is still under review because lawmakers are struggling with how the laws would be enforced by police officers. House Bill 940 Seeks to limit students use of electronic devices while they are riding on a school bus. House Bill 944 This would prohibit all drivers from emailing and texting with a fine of $300. House Bill 945 The use of cell phones and any other device with texting capabilities would be illegal for anyone operating a motor vehicle on state highways and roads. A fine of up to $300 would be imposed. House Bill 67 This would outlaw the use of handheld mobile devices by all drivers.

Consult a Georgia Attorney For Advice

The laws are constantly changing in Georgia and it may be difficult to keep up with all of the new rules. Any driver 18 or younger can be pulled over by the police for using a cell phone. Law enforcement officials do not need a secondary reason, such as speeding or expired registration tags to pull you over. If they see you using any type of mobile device while driving, you can be issued a citation.