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New Florida Driving Laws Offer Redemption For Motorists

Florida's Driver's License Point System

If you exceed the maximum amount of points within a certain timeframe, your license can be suspended. The laws in Florida allow the Department of Vehicles to suspend a driver's license if he or she has the following points assessed: 12 points within a 12-month period will result in a 30-day suspension 18 points within an 18-month period will result in a 90-day suspension 24 points within a 36-month period will result in a 12-month suspension Any driver younger than 18 will have their license privileges limited if they accrue six points within a 12-month period.

New 2010 Florida Law Gives Violators Options

Florida motorists may be surprised to learn how high the fines are for various types of moving violations. Drivers who fail to pay a toll will be slapped with a fine of $190 whereas individuals caught speeding in a school or construction zone may face a fine of $1,000. Repeat offenders who are unable to pay these penalties could wind up with a suspended license. A new law that recently went into effect will help drivers pay off their fines over a period of time. On October 1, 2010, Governor Charlie Crist signed new legislation to help motorists deal with paying off their traffic fines. Anyone charged with non-criminal traffic violations will be able to set up installment payments rather than paying the fine in one lump sum. Drivers who have had their license suspended due to non-criminal traffic citations will be given the opportunity to get their license back once the fines are paid in full. However, if the person misses just one payment, they will be required to pay the amount in full. They could possibly lose their driving privileges altogether if the judge decides to throw the book at them.

How a Florida Lawyer Can Help Your Case

When you have been issued a ticket for speeding or any other type of moving violation, there are options you can pursue. An attorney who specializes in fighting tickets may be able to get the fine reduced. Offenders may be eligible to attend traffic school and have the infraction dismissed altogether. Contact a lawyer to find out how they can help your case in order to avoid huge fines and points on your license.