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Parent-Teen Driving Contracts

Communicating with your teen is one of the best ways to help them become a safe driver. A parent-teen driving contract is a great way to open up a conversation while laying out a firm set of driving rules. Here is a sample contract from the California DMV. There are many more contracts available online or you can even create your own custom contract. You can refer to the DMV practice test for your state for even more ideas to include in your contract. While your family may have its own special rules there are some items that should be in every parent-teen driving agreement.

Rules for Teens

Make sure your teens are aware of the dangers of texting and driving distracted driving aggressive driving and driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Your new driver should know defensive driving tactics and agree to use them at all times before they get behind the wheel. You can also use the contract to help educate your teenager about vehicle maintenance and the common costs associated with driving including gas insurance maintenance costs registration fees and more.

Rules for Parents

No contract should be one-sided. You can set a good example by agreeing to employ the same driving practices and maintenance habits that you expect from your teen. You should also agree to pick up your teen in the event of any mishap at any time or place. If you agree to not ask questions at the time and talk about the incident later you are much more likely to be the first person they call for help. Another important rule for parents is to be available for any questions or concerns that young drivers may have. A parent-teen driving contract can help strengthen the bond between parents and their young drivers. Teens should know that by signing the agreement they have earned their parent's trust. Parents will gain some peace of mind in knowing that they have done everything possible to teach their kids to be good drivers.