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Picking up the Pieces: When a Friend is Involved in a Serious Accident

Hardly anyone gets through high school without knowing at least one person who has been involved in a serious automobile accident. This often leaves them feeling frightened that the same thing could happen to them. However there are ways to decrease the chances of auto accidents occurring.

Practice Makes Better Drivers

When bad things happen to friends or relatives it can cause feelings of vulnerability and apprehension. One way to deal positively with an auto accident is to take steps to decrease the chances of it happening in your own life. Although none of us can predict or control what the other drivers on the road around us are doing we can all prepare ourselves for a variety of traffic situations by taking advantage of free DMV practice tests whenever possible.

Keep in Contact With the Victim

If your friend has sustained serious injuries he or she may be missing school and other activities and is feeling isolated as a result. Although it's easy for active teens to forget about those who are not currently in the loop keeping this person as socially involved and engaged as possible will do wonders to help speed recovery. Make sure that you visit this person on a regular basis and encourage your friends to do the same.

Consider Short Term Counseling

It's natural for those who have a close friend who has been involved in a serious accident to experience a wide range of conflicting emotions. Short-term counseling can help you sort those out particularly if you were extremely close to the person injured in the accident. In some cases group counseling is an excellent resource for others in the accident victim's social circle. Most automobile accidents involving teens were at least partially due to the inexperience of the driver. You can help reduce the risk of becoming a statistic by taking advantage of educational materials designed to increase your skills behind the wheel.