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Owning a car can be super duper amazing. All readers who have lived in a city or state with unreliable public transportation know that there are many advantages to owning your own vehicle e.g. freedom to manage your own schedule for grocery errands or long road trips that can help you save on plane tickets. Still, owning a car is easier in some cities more than others. Here are the top seven places to own a car in America. And if you're interested in knowing where the worst places to own a car are, check out our article here! 


Detroit aka Motor City is a cool city to own a car. As the home of Ford, the roads are designed for heavy traffic. Parking isn’t as expensive or as strict in comparison to other cities, and for those who love cars as much as they love driving, there are tons of car-related events throughout the year, the biggest being the Detroit Auto Show and the Woodward Dream Cruise. There are some downsides to driving in Detroit, of course. Because of the bad winters and snow accumulation, the roads can be quite damaged in some areas and the insurance rates can be high. But, hey, no place is perfect!

New Hampshire

New Hampshire can be a great place to own a car. The state doesn’t require drivers to have insurance, though most residents do have some kind of car insurance. There is no sales tax. There are some breath-taking mountainous routes to explore, and New Hampshire is a great place to live in if you like to make road trips to close east coast states like Providence and Massachusetts. 


This suggestion is all about cost. According to Forbes, Wisconsin is one of the least expensive cities in America. If you’re tired of paying a fortune to buy and maintain your vehicle, Wisconsin may ease the pressure on your wallet!


Like in Wisconsin, owning a car in Montana can be way less expensive than some other states. Gas is cheap, insurance costs are low and cars that are older than 11, don’t need to be registered. Not a bad deal at all for the owner of that ’98 Chevy pickup truck.


The dry air in Arizona can be really good for maintaining certain types of cars. Often, you can find some pretty nice classic cars for sale that might still be able to drive on the open road. Additionally, there are no tolls in Arizona and the emission testing is lax. Not to mention, there are some crazy beautiful scenic routes for drivers who like to take the long drive home.


Utah’s a great place for car owners. There, you can enjoy low costs and stunning canyon routes. Those drivers who like owning their own cars because they LOVE driving would truly appreciate the Miller Motorsports Park for fun weekday events and racing.

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Northern California

This one is for the sentimental types. If you’re a driver who loves driving and who loves peaceful scenic routes, Northern California has some absolutely gorgeous mountainside roads and beautiful coasts. Those scenic routes in combination with practically year-round warm and sunny weather can make driving in Northern California, an amazingly beautiful experience. Of course, living in California also comes with congested rush hour traffic, high gas prices, high insurance rates  and high costs for pretty much of everything.  But, sometimes you can’t put a price on beauty.