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Parking tickets

Car ownership isn’t always fun especially when you have to deal with pesky nuisances like parking tickets, insurance rates and other car maintenance expenses. There are some states that are notoriously bad for car owners, and we’ve listed the worst ones here! 

Driving in the city.

New York

New York is one of the best cities in America. It's a spectacular place to live. But, man oh man, is this state a horrible place to own a car. Numerous tolls. Potholes. Crazy traffic and pedestrians. Brutally reckless taxi drivers. Cumbersome, difficult and exorbitant parking fees. If you’re considering a move to New York, you might be better off selling your car before or after you arrive and saving yourself a headache. 

Traffic backed up one direction on the freeway.


“I think I’ll go to Boston. I think I’ll start a NEW LIFE!!!” Oh Augustana, the creator of those angsty melodies of my youth, where have you gone? No, but seriously, Boston is an exciting place to live: delicious food, vibrant nightlife, picturesque historic sights. Unfortunately, some of the roads seem as historic as the 18th century buildings. These roads were not designed for modern-day drivers. Some Boston intersections make little to no sense, and if you’re new to the city better be prepared for some aggressive drivers to honk their horns if you take too long to get moving. This is not a city for a weak-willed driver. 

Washington, DC

Washington, DC is another city designed, it seems, to intentionally confuse drivers.  Road signs are perplexing. Traffic is heavy and busy. Car insurance is pretty expensive. AND TOURISTS. There are a lot of tourists, especially visiting the more popular and famous sites. Even a hardcore car enthusiast would consider selling his car if he had to deal with these conditions.

Highway 101 by the beach.


Forbes listed Hawaii as one of the most expensive states to own a car. And we'd have to agree. Sure, Hawaii’s beautiful winding roads can lure you to the island, but residents who own cars experience high gas prices and taxes. Apparently, you can put a cost on paradise.

Parking enforcement on a segway.


The traffic isn’t so bad in Chicago, but the city’s high gas prices and expensive parking make it one of our less driver-friendly cities.

bumper to bumper traffic on the highway


Traffic. Nuff said.

Lots of traffic in both directions on 10 lane express way.


To be fair, it’s not the entire state that’s bad for car ownership. Northern Cali provides very pretty routes. Fresno and San Francisco are two cities where owning a car is an impractical and expensive choice: congested throughways, exorbitant parking fees, annoying one-way streets and fog weather conditions. Plus, the California DMV has a bad reputation for being hell on earth. We’ll still encourage all residents of these states to get their licenses, but maybe sell that car before your move.

Live in one of the cities on this list? We want to hear your car ownership horror stories. We need source material for our new novel Christine 2: Road Rage. And if you're interested to know where are the best places to own a car? Check this article out right here.