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Stay Safe On The Road: Defensive Driving Tips For Motorcyclists

No matter how safe of a motorcycle rider you are, the fact remains that each and every time you hit the road, you will be facing careless and unsafe drivers in vehicles much larger than your bike. Because of this fact, it is important that you exercise a strategy known as defensive driving. When you drive defensively, you are always on the lookout not only for your own actions but the actions of other drivers as well. Driving defensively with the right amount of foresight could mean the difference between getting into an accident on your motorcycle and avoiding it altogether.

Top Tips for Defensive Driving

When on a motorcycle, there are some very specific defensive driving tips that you will want to keep in mind as a way of staying safe and avoiding accidents with other vehicles. One of the best pieces of advice to heed is to make sure that other drivers can see you. Specifically, exercise great caution when merging, changing lanes and even braking. Since you are in a very small vehicle, it is possible that you could be in another driver's blind spot, and they will not see you. Furthermore, always be aware of the vehicles around you and their actions. For example, if you notice that a vehicle is following too closely for your comfort, change lanes or allow the vehicle to pass you in order to avoid an unsafe situation. Always be on the lookout for vehicles on either side of you that may attempt to change lanes or merge without seeing you. Try to avoid these situations altogether by keeping your distance from other vehicles on the road as much as possible.