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Stop Light Cameras in Southern California

Have you ever been ticketed by a Camera? In the City of San Diego there are 19 Cameras setup at various Stop lights. At least they WERE up and running! As of November 2010, San Diego City has turned the controversial Stop Light Cameras OFF.

With over whelming phone calls to the City complaining about Short Yellow lights and longer intersections, San Diego City has decided to turn off the Stop Light Cameras for now! In my opinion, these Stop Light Cameras should be illegal! Who is to say that the Yellow lights aren't long enough for the distance of the intersection? I know that where I live the Stop Lights take an eternity to change, and then it seems they only stay green for very short period. The Ratio doesn't seem right? I just don't think that it is fair to be judged by a Digital Device.

If Cameras are so precise and can give out tickets, then how come so many people get away with Bank Robbery and they are caught on camera? For now, the City of San Diego has started an investigation into Stop light Cameras. It will be very interesting to see what becomes of it!