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Strange, but True, Driving Laws in the United States

Strange But True Laws

Strange, but True, Driving Laws in the United States

We�۪re all aware of the common, necessary, important driving laws: such as driving and driving, wearing a seat belt, staying away from texting and cell phones (if it is a law in your state). However, not all driving laws in the United States are common and necessary. Every state has its weird, nonsensical rules on the books, and driving laws are no exception (whether or not they are still enforced). Here are a few of our favorite strange, but true, driving laws in the country:

  • Alabama -Traffic laws state that it�۪s illegal to drive blindfolded. ��� Please don�۪t do this, whether or not it�۪s legal.
  • Alaska - It�۪s illegal to tie a dog to the roof of your car. ��� So, it�۪s a good thing Mitt Romney didn�۪t visit the state during his family vacation in early 2012, even though it is unclear whether the law applies to dogs in a carrier.
  • Arkansas - It�۪s against the law to lay on the horn after 9 p.m. anywhere sandwiches or cold beverages are served. ��� It disturbs those who are eating.
  • Connecticut - It�۪s a violation of state law to hunt from your car, even in deer season. ��� Shucks.
  • Georgia - State law prohibits driving through playgrounds. ��� They aren�۪t that kind of playground.
  • Maine - A traffic cop can ticket you for parking in front of Dunkin�۪ Donuts in South Berwick, Maine. ��� The Dunkin�۪ Donuts in South Berwick has the best donuts!
  • Maryland - Swearing in your vehicle could result in a misdemeanor charge. ��� How do you enforce or check for this? What if you pulled over to talk on the phone? Does that count?
  • New Jersey - Law prohibits planting trees in the middle of a road. ��� Not all that bad since trees can inhibit vision. However, how do you commit this without damaging the road and being charged with vehicular endangerment or something like that? Does this law apply to the median as well?
  • New York - It�۪s against the law to undress in your car. ��� Although doing it outside your vehicle could be indecent exposure, which is also against the law.
  • Oregon - A traffic cop may give you a ticket if you leave your car door open for longer than necessary. ��� Another one that�۪s not all that insane. Open car doors can pose a major hazard, especially if that open door is in the middle of a lane.
  • Rhode Island - Rhode Island law prohibits driving with unopened beer in your vehicle. - How does the state expect you to purchase beer from the grocery or liquor store? By walking?