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Teen Driving Privileges

Teen drivers need guidance and guidelines when they first get their driver's licenses. This is because they are still inexperienced and are largely unable to pay for a car or the expenses that go with it. Until they prove that they can handle driving and paying for a car what guidelines should parents put in place?

Your Teen Should Only Get the Car at Designated Times

If your teen is driving your car he or she should only get the car at times that you designate. For example your son or daughter should be allowed to drive the car to work or to approved addresses where your teen spends time. This ensures that you have the car when you need it and that your teen driver isn't going anywhere without your permission.

School and Work Come First

Driving privileges should only be awarded when your teen does well in school and has a job. If work or school performance starts to suffer the car is off limits until your son or daughter is performing up to predetermined expectations.

The Use of the Car or Ability to Drive Is Probationary

Teens need to understand that there is no excuse for unsafe driving. If your teen gets into an accident is caught driving under the influence or gets a speeding ticket the right to drive should be taken away temporarily. This is for your son or daughter's safety as well as to keep your insurance premiums at a reasonable level. A parent may ask their child to study the state driver's manual or take a DMV practice test before restoring driving privileges to ensure that they demonstrate knowledge of the rules of the road. Parents of teenage drivers have a lot to worry about when it comes to their teen driving on his or her own. However setting guidelines can make it easier for parents to have a level of control over what their kids do when they are behind the wheel of an automobile.