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The winter can be a hard time for drivers, who live in locales where snowstorms and blizzards occur frequently. Even worse, maintaining your car can be the worst drag after three consecutive snowstorms have hit your area. We’ve searched on the all over the Internet for some quick car maintenance hacks that can make maintaining and driving your vehicle easier.  Read up, drive safe and stay warm! 

Raise Your Windshield Wipers And Leave Them Up Overnight

Raise your windshield over night. This can prevent the wipers from getting stuck to your vehicle’s windshield.

Lost Your Ice Scraper Or You’re Cheap And Don’t Want To Buy One?

Use a spatula, one with a hard edge, or a credit card instead of an ice scraper. Other household can be used too. Plastic forks anyone? Just make sure you don’t use metal as it can damage your windows.

Shoveling Snow? Whip Out That Non-Stick Cooking Spray

Try spraying your shovel with non-stick cooking spray before you shovel. It can help make shoveling a little bit easier and the snow slide off quicker.

Or Better Yet Sweep Away That Snow

If you’ve got some light snow covering your car windows use a broom and sweep away the snow.  

Give Your Wipers Socks

It may look a little silly, but covering your windshield wipers with socks may prevent snow and ice build up. You’ll thank us later.

Store Old Socks In Your Glove Compartment

While you’re going through your sock drawer, finding old socks for your windshield wipers, also store some of those old ones in your glove compartment box so that the next time you’re stuck or having some difficulty moving your car, slipping old socks over your shoes may give you better traction to help you get your car out of a tough spot!

Use Shaving Cream To Clean Your Windows

Clean the inside of your windows with shaving cream. The shaving cream can help prevent your windows from fogging.

Recycle Your Ziploc Bags

Got some Ziploc bags that you’re about to throw away? Think twice and cover your side-view mirrors with Ziploc bags. This can prevent ice and frost from developing on your vehicle’s side-view mirrors.

Sanitize Your Car Door Locks

Use hand sanitizer to unfreeze your car door locks. Apply a mild amount and wait five minutes before trying to open the door, gently and safely.

Routinely Spray Your Car Keys With WD-40

Spraying your car keys with WD-40 before using them/putting the keys into your car’s locks can help prevent ice from forming in the locks.