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Manual Transmission

Vehicles with manual transmissions require you to shift gears, depending on how fast your vehicle is going. Vehicles with manual transmission have a clutch pedal next to the brake.

Maximum Speed Limit

Speed limits are posted on most roadways. They regulate the speed of traffic based on ideal driving conditions. Maximum speed limits are not recommendations. You must follow them and they vary depending on the area and other factors that can present dangers to you and other drivers.  

Overdriving Your Headlights

Overdriving your headlights means not being able to stop inside the illuminated area ahead. This makes it difficult for you to judge other vehicle’s speed and distances away from you during night hours. 


When you oversteer you are either steering your steering wheel too far and/or too fast. 

Peace Officer

Peace officers are law enforcement personnel. They work to ensure public peace. City police, sheriffs, district police, port police, Highway Patrol officers and other civil officers are typically “peace officers.” 

Perpendicular Parking

Perpendicular parking is the procedure of parking next to side-to-side to a car or perpendicular to an aisle or curb. This type of parking can take up less space is a type of parking, and it is often used in parking garages. 

Point System

A driving point system assigns points to various traffic violations and offenses. This system will vary by state. Typically, there are repercussions and fines associated with various accumulated point values. After the DMV receives a conviction notice from the court, points are assigned and attached to your driving record. Depending on your state’s laws, if you accumulate a certain number of points, your license may be suspended or revoked, and you may have to take a driving course or exam to reacquire it.

Rear-end Collision

There are three types of collisions: head-on, side and rear-end. A rear-end collision occurs when a vehicle hits another vehicle from the rear/back. 

Restricted License

A restricted license is a driver’s license that has restrictions or limitations. Various fators are considered when determining a license’s limitations e.g. age, driving status, driver’s health and/or driving history. 

School Zone

A school zone is the area surrounding a school. While driving through a school zone at certain hours, drivers must maintain a speed limit of 15-25 mph. 

Side Collision

There are three types of collisions: head-on, side and rear-end. A side collision occurs when another vehicle hits from the side. 

Service Signs

Service signs indicate nearby services like hospitals and rest areas. Typically, they are blue.