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Tail gating on the highway


Tailgating occurs when you follow another car too closely. If someone is tailgating you do not speed up as this will most likely only encourage the tailgater to also increase his speed. Try to allow them to pass you by switching lanes, slowing down to let them pass or tapping your brake lightly a few times to warn the other driver that he is driving too closely. If you’re the tailgater remember that this is dangerous and it will not get you to your final destination any faster. 

Police officer writing a ticket.

Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets are citations issued to drivers who violate traffic laws by law enforcement officials. 

round about.

Uncontrolled Intersection

Unlike a controlled intersection, an uncontrolled intersection does not have traffic control signs or signals. When approaching this type of intersection, follow right-of-way rules, be vigilant and be safe.   

both hands on the steering wheel at 10 and 2.


When you understeer you are turning the steering wheel too loosely and not as sharply as required for the road conditions ahead. 

Car overheating on side of road.

Vapor Lock

Vapor lock occurs most often during the summer or very hot weather conditions. In these heated weather conditions, gasoline can simmer or boil and then turn to a vapor. As a result your engine may stop running or lock up. If your engine becomes vapor locked while you are driving, turn it off and let it cool. 

Stop sign

Warning Signs

Warning signs are road signs that warn you to slow down or watch out for hazards ahead. Generally, warning signs are yellow and diamond-shaped. 

Work zone Sign

Work Zone (or Road Construction)

A work zone is a highway construction or maintenance zone. Work zone signs help alert drivers of certain road conditions ahead that may present dangers to you, other drivers or maintenance/construction workers. These signs are often orange and workers will often wear jackets, flags or other equipment in this same bright orange color to help make their presence known to other drivers. Always follow work sign directions. Traffic violations that occur in highway construction or maintenance zones are often higher. 

Yield Sign.


Yield means you must let another driver or pedestrian go first. Yield signs are used to direct traffic as it assigns right-of-way at certain intersections. Pay attention to yield signs and be prepared to “yield” when necessary. 

Getting arrested.

Zero Tolerance Law

The Zero Tolerance Law dictates that if a minor has any amount of alcohol in his or her system while operating a vehicle in public, the minor will have committed a criminal offense (a DUI- Driving Under the Influence). If caught, the minor’s license will be immediately suspended.