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Texting and Driving in the News

Texting and driving continues to make the news, especially since people still do it despites suggesting that it's a bad idea. It's also a hot topic because the New Year introduced new laws prohibiting texting and driving in several states, while other states still lack distracted driving laws. What's the big deal, and what are states and cities doing about this? Here's a quick news roundup of texting and driving:

Fatal Distraction: Texting and Driving a Russian Roulette' - Rock Center The folks at Rock Center did a great piece on texting and driving, covering the real consequences of the action as well as why people still do it. To some, the penalties aren't harsh enough, especially in states where texting and driving isn't illegal. For more, check out the exclusive video on a texting and driving simulation, which demonstrates how hard it actually is to text and drive.

Texting While Driving Hands-Free Still Very Unsafe, Says Science Gizmodo California just enacted a law that says it's okay to text and drive if you're using a hands-free method, such as the iPhone's Siri. However, there's quite a bit of research that says you're not any less distracted with a hand-free device. If the point of these laws is to prevent distracted driving accidents, then hands-free isn't an improvement.

AT&T Produces Documentary To Curb Texting And Driving - K2 Radio - Even the cell phone companies are working to build awareness on this issue, as wireless provider AT&T has produced a 10-minute documentary showcasing the consequences of texting and driving. The video primarily features young people and their stories.

Lawmakers to Consider Stricter Texting and Driving Regulations NBC29 n Having a texting and driving ban is a great thing, but what's the penalty if you kill someone while texting and driving? How do the police prove that you were on the phone at the moment of an accident? Those are questions that need to be consider with texting and driving laws, and are stricter regulations are something that advocates have been wanting for a long time. In most cases, the penalty for texting and driving, even if someone is killed in the accident, is only a few days or a month in jail. This is because texting and driving is still considered reckless driving, a misdemeanor which carries a very weak penalty.

Highway Advocacy Group's Report Card Grades States on Traffic Safety National Safety Council The NSC recommends 15 driving laws that would increase driver safety, including a law that would ban texting and driving for all drivers (not just teens or new drivers). Currently, 39 states have such a law in place.

12 Apps to Stop Texting and Driving Turn Key - There are apps that can stop you or your teen from texting and driving, and these apps can do anything from stopping notifications or sending a text on behalf saying that you are on the road. If you or your kid is having a hard time putting the phone down while driving, then consider getting one of these apps to help you stay safe.