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Tips For Transporting Your Vehicle Across The Country During A Move

If you are moving your vehicle across country, it can be a huge hassle to make the drive on your own unless you're looking to driving for days on end. Car carriers are expensive, but there are plenty of options for transporting your vehicle to a new location. Here are some things to keep in mind when transporting your vehicle across country:

1. UShip This is a website where verified shipping companies bid on individual jobs. If you need someone who will provide exceptional service, simply request a quote from the website. Once your quote has been received, shippers will bid on the job in a format that easily allows you to check their track record. This is significantly less expensive than using a car carrier service.

2. Drive your vehicle No, it will not be fun, but driving your vehicle across country is still possible. You'll put additional wear and tear on your car and spend a lot on gas, but your car will get there. You'll also see different parts of the country that you wouldn't if you were planning to fly to your final destination.

3. Clean and inspect your vehicle first Make sure to clean and inspect your vehicle before handing it over to a shipping company or driving it yourself. Once the vehicle is in it's best condition, the cross-country move will go much easier. If you use a transport company, make sure that you go through the inspection process with the trucker, so you'll know if any damage occurs during the move.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when moving to a new destination is the need to update your driver's license. has plenty of driving practice tests -- including new-to-state tests for California and New York. If you are planning a move, get started by learning the new driving regulations today, and make your move less stressful.