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Motorcycle Crash in intersection

Riding a motorcycle can be fun, invigorating and also dangerous if you’re not a careful rider. We offer below some important tips to help motorcyclists avoid common motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle crashed on country road.

A Car Turning Left In Front Of You

The motorist fails to see you or misjudges your speed, turns left in front of you at an intersection. 

Best Ways To Avoid An Accident

Watch out for signs in common situations where a driver is most likely to turn in front of you: a car waiting to turn at an intersection or too big of a gap between you and another vehicle near an intersection, parking lot or driveway. To reduce your chances of an accident ride defensively: slow down, cover your brakes, take note of what’s around you, plan a safe escape route and get ready to possibly evade a dangerous situation.  Watch the vehicle’s wheels. As that can be a quick and effective indication of where (or if) the car intends to move. 

Motorcycle crashed laying flat on the ground.

Entering A Corner Too Fast

You’re speeding and enter a corner far too quickly.

Best Way To Avoid An Accident

If you’re riding too quickly and enter a corner, remain calm, take as much lean out of the bike as you can, be smooth as possible and observe your surroundings. Don’t chop the throttle or do anything that can cause you to lose traction. Best way to avoid ever being involved in this situation, slow down. Don’t ride so quickly that you reduce your ability to see clearly your surroundings. 

Car hit motorcycle

Car Hits You From Behind

You ‘re riding along on your motorcycle. A man runs across the street suddenly and you must stop abruptly. The motorist behind you isn’t paying attention and plows into you. This is a common non-fatal “fender bender” for motorists, which can be a fatal for motorcyclists. 

Best Way To Avoid An Accident

Try to maneuver around cars to avoid being hit from behind. For example, if a car is about to stop at a multi-lane stoplight as you and other cars follow. Pull in front of the vehicle ahead and you’re reducing your chances of a fatal collision. If you’re not able to pull in front of the vehicle ahead, stop to the side of the lane rather than the center, flash your brake lights by tapping the bike’s brake lever and keep the bike in gear so that you may move out of the way quickly. Continue to pay attention to your surroundings and consider context, for example, when you’re riding at 2 am there’s a chance that you may encounter a drunk driver or pedestrian or in a school zone around 3 pm, there may be more kids around and more traffic. 

Motorcycle crash.

Motorist Opens Door In Your Path

You’re riding along and suddenly the door of a parked car swings open right in front of you.

Best Way To Avoid An Accident

Avoid riding between an active traffic lane and a parked car. If you find yourself in the abovementioned situation best thing you can do is slow down/ brake and try to alert the driver of your presence. 


We end with the most obvious. Safety gear can prevent injury during a crash. These items can also make riding more comfortable. Make sure your helmets and jacket suits are bright colors like orange or red to help motorists and other riders see you while you are out on the road.