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Driving is a privilege, and that privilege can be taken away if you abuse it. Each state has a list of reasons for why a driver might have his license suspended. Make sure you know your state’s specific laws regarding license suspension and revocation. Most states revoke a license once a driver is caught driving with a suspended license or if the driver has multiple convictions of particularly serious offenses. Often, first-time offenses result in license suspension. Check out the top seven reasons for license suspension or revocation.

No Insurance

 If you are caught driving without car insurance, or in some instances caught without proof of your insurance, you could end up with a suspended license. The severity of the punishment depends on the state. In some states, if you’re caught without your car insurance you might only receive a traffic ticket with instructions to demonstrate proof of your car insurance by a specific date. In this scenario, you may only have to pay a fine, allowing you to avoid suspension this time!

Driving Under The Influence

Depending on the laws of your state, driving while intoxicated can result in an immediate suspension. As if you needed one more reason why you shouldn’t drink and drive!

Point Accumulation

Many states have a license point system that assigns points to different traffic offenses. With a point system, if a driver reaches a certain number of points within a specific time period, his license may be suspended or revoked. The types of offenses and the points you can accrue vary from state to state.

Too Many Traffic Tickets

Too many traffic tickets can get you into more than little trouble. You may have your license suspended or revoked if you acquire too many. 

Reckless Driving

Many states will suspend a driver’s license for serial convictions of reckless driving within a specific amount of time e.g. leaving the scene of an accident or speeding excessively too many times.


If you forgot to pay a fine or to attend traffic school by a judge-mandated cut-off date, you may have your license suspended. Make sure you keep track of any tickets or important deadlines. Do what’s necessary to ensure you remember and meet requirements that you need to do in order to keep your license.  

Failure To Pay Child Support Or Other Non-driving Offenses

Some states will suspend a driver’s license for non-driving offenses like failure to comply with a child support order. Dads pay your child support not only because it's the right thing but also because you might lose your driving privileges!