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We all do it. Drive distracted sometimes when we know we shouldn’t. Distracted driving occurs whenever a driver is preoccupied by an activity that may take his mind off the road or his hands off the wheel. Here are the top six biggest driving distractions. Try to avoid them if you can! 

Non Distracted Driver

Driving Too Lost In Your Thoughts And Feelings

Had a bad day at work? Or recently had an argument with your partner or friend? But you still have to go to the party or meeting even if you’re upset? You can be a danger to yourself and others on the road if you’re driving while you’re in a highly charged emotional state. If you’re really upset, stop and take a break and calm yourself before you drive.

Distracted by the car radio while driving.

Rocking Out

Sometimes the radio plays your jam and you can’t help but rock out. If you’re like me, you’ll sing along wildly and wave your hands in the air (kind of like you just don’t care!). Seriously though, you might feel like you have complete control of your vehicle while you’re rocking out, but driving requires your complete attention. Try to tune out those tunes and focus on the road ahead. 

Distracted by your friends while driving.

Being A Chatty Cathy

You might feel a little rude focusing on the road and not talking to your passengers, but it’s important that you focus on the road. Passengers can be a big distraction, especially if they try to engage you into a heated conversation or argument. While driving, don’t get too hung up on being polite and drive safely. 

Taking a picture out the window while driving.


Everyone does it. You slow down to look at the wreck ahead. “Whoa what happened over there?” “Is that person okay?” It’s perfectly understandable, but when your mind and eyes are on the accident instead of the road in front of you, you are at a higher risk of getting into an accident yourself. 

Eating while driving.

Eating Or Drinking

You definitely don’t want to drive thirsty or hungry, but driving while you’re eating food or drinking is not good either. Be mindful. If you haven’t eaten for for a few hours, have a snack before you get behind the wheel and if you’re really hungry or thirsty and can’t wait, take a break.

a man talking on the phone while driving

Your Phone

Beware the three T’s: Talking. Texting. Tweeting. It’s so easy to think you can get away with a quick text or a short phone call while you’re driving, but really no call, text or tweet can be so important you need endanger your life and other drivers on the road as well.  Hide your phone in your glove box if you’re worried that you may not be able to resist.