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Ways To Decrease Stress For Memory Optimization So You Won't Forget To Renew Your Driver's License

Stress is a part of life. A little short-term stress can improve performance, but too much stress has the opposite effect. Long-term stress can even cause serious memory issues. Have you ever wondered why some people forget to renew their driver's licenses and then wind up paying heavy fines? The answer may be as simple as too much stress.

Test Anxiety

Everyone experiences test anxiety anytime a test has to be taken. When the test has to be passed in order for an individual to maintain the freedom afforded by having a valid driver's license, that anxiety can grow into a debilitating fear. Other aspects of renewing a driver's license can add to the stress and anxiety an individual experiences. What if you've moved since the last time you took a test and aren't familiar with local laws? What if new laws have been legislated and you don't know about them?

Decreasing Anxiety

Ignoring the anxiety associated with renewing your driver's license won't alleviate stress. In fact, left unchecked, that anxiety can devolve into paralyzing fear and extensive avoidance patterns. Rather than going down this destructive road, you can take positive action steps to prepare yourself for driver's license renewal and thereby reduce your overall stress.

  • Familiarize yourself with the renewal process.
  • Review your state's driving handbook.
  • Take a DMV practice test.
  • Review weak areas.
  • Schedule plenty of time for taking the actual test.
  • If possible, sign up to receive a text for when you can renew your license.

By following these simple steps, you are first of all eliminating a fear of the unknown. Also, you are facing the stress and taking action to reduce it. You are also allowing yourself to have enough time to complete the task at hand, eliminating the stress of time constraints. Finally, you are making plans to eliminate the amount of time you have to spend sitting and waiting, a process that of itself can cause unnecessary stress.