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What To Do If Your Teen Driver Moves To A New State During Driver's Training

Getting a driver's license is a new, exciting and typically nerve-wracking experience for parents of a teenage driver. The process can be complicated when the new driver moves to a different state while studying for the driving exam. You will need to learn what qualifications will be required of your teen driver in the new state of residence. However, the basics of safe, responsible driving are important regardless of the state in which a new teen driver resides.

Focus on the Basics

No matter where a teen earns his or her first driver's license, the basics about driving remain the same. Safety guidelines vary little from state to state, and important concepts such as when to turn on headlights or how close to follow another vehicle will not likely change based on where you live. If your student driver began a driver's education class that is not required in the new state of residence, this doesn't mean that time or money has been wasted. Think instead of the class as an investment in the future safety of your teen.

Learn Your New State's Requirements

While all 50 states require teens to take both a written exam and practical driving test, preparation requirements differ depending on the state. Check with your local DMV to discover whether driver's education classes are required in your new state. Also, be sure to obtain a copy of your new state's driving handbook. Certain laws such as those involving turns, passing and lane changes do vary from state to state. Both you and your student driver will need to be aware of the traffic laws in your new home.

Study for the Written Exam

Once you've obtained a copy of your new state's driving handbook, help your teen study for the written examination. If required by your current state of residence, enroll your son or daughter in a driver's education class to learn and practice the basics. To prepare even further, encourage your teen driver to take a DMV practice test to make sure they know all the important traffic laws.