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Why More Teens are Delaying Getting Their First License

Most states permit teen drivers to get their license when they turn 16. However many teens are waiting until they are older to get a license and you might be one of them. What are some of the reasons this is happening?

Parents or Older Siblings May Provide Rides

If you can count on your parents or older siblings to provide rides to school or social events you may see no reason to get a license. In some cases access to a car may be limited even if you do pass your driving tests so having a license may have no impact on the your ability to drive.

Insurance and Gas Is Expensive

The national average for a gallon of gas is over $3 a gallon. In some states gas could cost $4 a gallon or more. The high cost of insurance for may also make it too expensive for anyone still in school to drive a car on a regular basis.

States Are Introducing Graduated License Programs

You can no longer get your permit on a Monday and take the road test that Friday. Instead you must spend dozens of hours driving with a licensed driver in the car with you. When you do get your first license there may be restrictions as to when you may drive and who may be in the car. Some drivers might think that these restrictions make it worthless to pursue a license but if you are looking to get your license quickly you can take a DMV practice test online to ensure that you pass the test the first time and don't have to drive with a restricted license longer than necessary. The rising cost of owning a car state laws restricting when and where you can drive and lack of access to a vehicle are all valid reasons why you may not want a license right away. However every teen's situation is unique so you should discuss options with your parents when deciding the right time to apply for your license.