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CDL Air Brakes Endorsement Practice Test -2

Our Free CDL Practices Tests are designed to help you pass your CDL Air Brake Test on the first try. This practice tests has 25 multiple choice questions each question is designed to help you learn the material in the CDL Handbook.
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CDL Air Brakes Endorsement Practice Test

Ace your air brakes endorsement exam by prepping with a free comprehensive air brakes test! If you’re seeking an air brakes endorsement on your commercial driver’s license, you’ll need to learn additional procedures and laws to safely drive these vehicles—such as how long a truck can hold air pressure, the number of steps used in an air brake system, how to drain air tanks, and more. This free practice test includes air brakes-specific information that you’ll see on your actual DMV exam.

There are 25 multiple-choice questions taken directly from the FMCSA air brakes regulations. You’ll benefit from the same format you’ll experience during your actual DMV exam, and you can retake the test as many times as you need to feel fully prepared. Plus, see your missed questions in real time and review them as a group at the end of your test, so you know exactly which areas to revisit for further study.

CDL Air Brakes Endorsement Practice Test FAQs:

What’s the difference between the CDL permit test and the CDL air brakes test?

The CDL permit test is an exam that all commercial drivers must take in order to receive a CDL. The air brakes exam is an additional test required for drivers wanting to earn an air brakes endorsement on your CDL, which is necessary to drive vehicles that use air brakes.

What does the air brakes test consist of?

The air brakes test consists of a written exam as well as a practical demonstration showing your knowledge and understanding of driving a vehicle equipped with air brakes. Each state's DMV sets its own number of questions for the test, but they all use information from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) laws and regulations for commercial drivers.

Is the air brakes endorsement required for all commercial drivers?

No, an air brakes endorsement is only required if you’re planning to drive vehicles equipped with air brakes.


A low pressure warning signal could be __________.
  • A red light.
  • A buzzer.
  • A wig wag mechanical arm.
  • All of the listed answers.
Air tanks need to be drained ______.
  • Manually if or when automatic devices fail.
  • At the end of each day of driving.
  • To keep sludge from clogging the brake system.
  • All of the listed answers.
An application pressure gauge shows how much air you are applying to the brakes. Increased application pressure to maintain the same speed indicates that __________.
  • The brakes are working correctly.
  • The brakes are fading.
  • The engines are failing.
  • The clutch is stuck.
Combination vehicles should not leak at a rate of more than ______ psi per minute with the engine off and the parking brake released.
  • 3
  • 1
  • 2
  • 7
During a normal drive, the spring brakes are held back by _____.
  • Spring pressure.
  • Centrifugal force.
  • Bolts or clamps.
  • Air pressure.