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CDL All Endorsements Practice Test All tests. All sections -4

Study for your CDL Test with this FREE Practice Test. 25 practice Questions for CDL Test straight from the CDL hand book, Stop stressing about the test and practice today with our multiple choice practice test.
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A front brake limiting valve ______.
  • Reduces the air to the front brakes and reduces the stopping power of the vehicle.
  • Reduces air to the rear brakes only.
  • Increases air pressure to the front brakes.
  • Stops your vehicle.
As you check the outside of the bus, _______ before driving.
  • Open the emergency exits.
  • Close any open access panels.
  • Remember to put warning stickers on your side view mirrors.
  • All of the listed answers.
At what psi will the tractor protection valve close?
  • 80-95 psi.
  • 60-85 psi.
  • 100-125 psi.
  • 50-75 psi.
  • 20 to 45 psi.
During a normal drive, the spring brakes are held back by _____.
  • Spring pressure.
  • Centrifugal force.
  • Bolts or clamps.
  • Air pressure.
During the basic vehicle control portion of the skills test, you will be asked to __________.
  • Demonstrate your ability to drive your vehicle in a variety of traffic situations.
  • Move your vehicle forward, back and turn it within a defined area.
  • To fix your vehicle's engine.
  • Demonstrate that your vehicle is safe to drive.