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CDL Doubles and Triples Endorsement T Practice Test -2

Our Free CDL Practices Tests are designed to help you pass your CDL Doubles & Triples Endorsement Test on the first try. This practice tests has 25 multiple choice questions each question is designed to help you learn the material in the CDL Handbook.
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CDL Doubles & Triples Endorsement Practice Test

Earning your credentials to haul double and triple trailers can be a breeze with our FREE online practice test specific to earning your “T” endorsement! Driving a semi-truck with multiple trailers takes a great deal of skill and knowledge… which equals a whole lot of studying. We make the process more efficient—and dare we say enjoyable—through a dynamic online quiz that increases your memory recall and ensures you’re prepared for your doubles and triples endorsement exam.

You’ll get 25 multiple-choice questions pulled directly from the federal laws governing commercial driving, specific to operating a CMV hauling double or triple trailers. Our questions and answers are accurate and up to date, regularly reviewed to give you the best testing experience that matches your DMV CDL exam. Detailed explanations provide context to each answer, and you get real-time feedback as you progress through your practice test so you know exactly how you’re doing. Any questions you miss are gathered at the end for a full review. That way, you can tailor your studying to those topics you need more time to learn. Take this free doubles/triples endorsement practice test whenever you want, as many times as you want while you study—it’s completely free and always available to you.

CDL Doubles & Triples Endorsement Practice Test FAQs:

How do I get a doubles/triples endorsement in my state?

To get a “T” endorsement on your CDL, you’ll need to pass two written knowledge exams: the general CDL knowledge test and a written test specific to the doubles/triples endorsement. After earning your permit, you’ll also need to pass a practical exam and pre-trip inspection, where you’ll be expected to show that you know how to safely operate a vehicle hauling double or triple trailers.

What is a doubles and triples endorsement? Who needs to get a CDL “T” endorsement?

A CDL doubles and triples endorsement is also known as the “T” endorsement. It permits a commercial driver to haul two or more trailers from a single tractor. If you will be driving a semi-truck with multiple trailers attached, you need a “T” endorsement to do so.

What questions are on the doubles/triples endorsement CDL test?

The doubles and triples CDL exam includes questions central to safe operation of these large, complicated vehicles. Expect to be quizzed on the tractor’s components, safe coupling of multiple trailers, making turns while hauling multiple trailers, traffic laws including speed limits for large commercial vehicles, and more.


Generally, spring brakes are held back by _______.
  • Air pressure.
  • Bolts.
  • Clamps.
  • Centrifugal force.
Objects in a convex mirror appear ______.
  • Smaller than if you were looking at it directly.
  • Larger than if you were looking at it directly.
  • Exactly as if you were looking at the object directly.
  • Upside down.
On the CDL pre-trip vehicle inspection test, you can expect to ________.
  • To answer general CDL questions.
  • To park your school bus.
  • To be asked to explain to the examiner what parts of your vehicle you would inspect and why.
  • To explain why you want a commercial driver's license.
The safety valve opens the air compressor tank at what psi?
  • 100 psi.
  • 175 psi.
  • 150 psi.
  • 75 psi.
  • 200 psi.
To test the trailer brakes you should perform which of the following steps?
  • Check for normal air pressure.
  • Release the parking brakes.
  • Move the vehicle forward slowly.
  • All of the listed answers.