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CDL Hazardous Materials Endorsement H Practice Test -3

Need to Pass your CDL Hazmat Endorsement Test! Then start here with FREE Practice Tests for Commercial Drivers. Our practice tests are designed to help you learn the material in the CDL Handbook, Each question is multiple choice and will provide instant feedback.
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HAZMAT “H” Endorsement Practice Test

Earning your HAZMAT CDL endorsement is especially complicated—so let our free online practice test make it easy for you! Our HAZMAT endorsement practice test prepares you to ace your exam by using proven testing formats and accurate, up-to-date information that you’ll be able to remember and recall quickly for your HAZMAT exam.

You’ll get 25 multiple-choice questions pulled straight from the federal laws that regulate hauling hazardous materials. Each question and answer includes a full explanation and real-time feedback, so you’ll know how you’re doing as you go along. A comprehensive review at the end pinpoints areas you may need to study further, and you can take our free “H” endorsement practice test as many times as you need while you continue prepping and studying for the actual exam. With an expertly designed format that replicates the structure of your HAZMAT endorsement test, you’ll be ultra-prepared for the real thing.

HAZMAT “H” Endorsement Practice Test FAQs:

How do I get a HAZMAT endorsement in my state?

To get a HAZMAT endorsement, you’ll first need to pass the general CDL knowledge exam. You’ll also need to pass a separate written HAZMAT endorsement exam. Because hauling hazardous materials is extremely dangerous, you’ll also be required to undergo fingerprinting and a federal background check before you can take the endorsement test.

What CDL class do I need to drive with a HAZMAT endorsement?

You will need a Class C commercial driver’s license for your “H” HAZMAT endorsement.

What questions are on the “H” HAZMAT endorsement test?

The HAZMAT endorsement test includes questions on types of HAZMAT you may haul, proper operation and parking of commercial vehicles carrying hazardous materials, safe storage procedures, emergency protocols, and more.

CDL Sample Test Questions

A "transport index" refers to products that are _______.
  • Radioactive.
  • Overweight.
  • Liquid.
  • Dry.
A material's hazard class ______.
  • Reflects how heavy the material is.
  • Demonstrates what time of day the material should be transported.
  • Indicates the risks associated with the material.
  • None of the listed answers.
A qualified person should always watch the person in charge of loading and unloading a cargo tank. This person should be, at maximum, how many feet away?
  • 50 ft.
  • 25 ft.
  • 35 ft.
  • 30 ft.
Before fueling a placarded vehicle, you need to ______.
  • Park near a fire extinguisher.
  • Check the air pressure.
  • Turn off your engine.
  • Ignore stop signs.
How should you decide which placards to use to transport a hazardous material?
  • The amount of hazardous materials shipped.
  • The total weight of all classes of hazardous materials in your vehicle.
  • The hazard class of materials.
  • All of the listed answers.


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