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CDL Practice Test for Commercial Drivers

CDL Practice Test
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CDL Practice Test for Commercial Drivers

The stakes are high for passing your CDL test, so it’s critical that you give yourself every advantage! Prepare for your commercial driver’s license exam with this comprehensive CDL practice test for commercial drivers. Test yourself with questions taken directly from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) CDL driving handbook, so you know exactly which topics you’ll need to know and which ones you need more study time on. You’ll cover items such as CDL-specific laws and regulations, safe driving maneuvers for commercial vehicles, traffic signs, CDL-specific rules of the road, and more. The multiple-choice question format mimics the experience of the DMV exam, so you’ll know precisely what to expect on testing day. Plus, you can take this CDL practice test as often as you need, with real-time feedback to let you know how you’re improving. You’ll get a comprehensive review of all of the questions you missed so that you can come back and focus your study on the topics you need to brush up on. Feel confident passing your commercial driver exam on your first try!

CDL Practice Test FAQs:

What questions are on the commercial driver's license exam?

Your CDL practice test includes questions directly from the federal commercial driver’s handbook. You’ll find questions on CDL endorsements and restrictions, safety requirements for different commercial vehicles, traffic laws that pertain to commercial drivers, and more.

What score do I need to pass my CDL test?

Each state sets its own passing requirements for the commercial driver’s license exam. If you can pass the CDL practice test with a score of 80% or better, you’ll be fully prepared to pass your state’s commercial driver test.

How should I study for the CDL permit test?

The best way to study for your commercial permit test is by studying your state’s CDL handbook. Then, review how well you’ve retained that knowledge by taking a few CDL practice tests. This will help you pinpoint any areas you need to study more and prepare you for the format and environment of the actual CDL exam.

Is this practice test like the real commercial license exam?

Yes, your CDL practice test for commercial drivers mimics the format of the actual commercial driver test. It’s the best way to fully prep yourself for the real exam.