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CDL Tanker and Hazmat Combo Endorsement X -3

Need to Pass your CDL Tanker and Hazmat Combo Endorsement Test! Then start here with FREE Practice Tests for Commercial Drivers. Our practice tests are designed to help you learn the material in the CDL Handbook, Each question is multiple choice and will provide instant feedback.
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Tanker/HAZMAT “X” Endorsement Practice Test

Earning double the endorsements requires double the studying—so let our FREE tanker/HAZMAT practice test make it easier on you! The CDL X endorsement requires passing the tests for both tanker vehicles and hazardous materials (HAZMAT), which is a lot of information to have to memorize and recall. Our free online practice test acquaints you with the format of the DMV X endorsement exam and helps increase your recall speed and efficiency, so you ace your test on the first try.

This free online tanker/HAZMAT combo endorsement practice test provides 25 multiple-choice questions that are written from the most accurate and up-to-date regulations as stated by the FMCSA. These are the same real questions and answers that your DMV uses to create the actual X endorsement exam. As you go through your practice test, you get immediate feedback with detailed explanations for each answer, along with a full review of any missed questions at the conclusion of the test. This helps you home in on where you need to target your studies, and which topics you’ve already got down pat. Best of all, since this CDL practice test is completely free, you can retake it as many times as you want, whenever it suits your busy schedule.

Tanker/HAZMAT “X” Endorsement Practice Test FAQs:

How do I get a tanker/HAZMAT combo endorsement in my state?

To get a combo “X” endorsement on your CDL, you’ll first need to pass both the general CDL written knowledge exam, as well as both written tests for the tanker endorsement and HAZMAT endorsement. Each of these exams also includes a practical exam and pre-trip inspection, where you’ll be expected to show that you know how to safely operate these vehicles.

What is a CDL tanker/HAZMAT combo endorsement? Who needs to get a CDL combo endorsement?

A CDL tanker/HAZMAT combo endorsement is also known as the “X” endorsement. It combines both the tanker “T” endorsement and HAZMAT “H” endorsement, and allows you to drive tanker vehicles as well as haul various types of hazardous materials.

What questions are on the X endorsement CDL test?

The tanker/HAZMAT combo endorsement test is essentially two exams. You’ll be asked questions on the safe operation of tanker vehicles, such as how to drive top-heavy commercial vehicles, safe loading and off-loading of liquid and gaseous cargo, and others. You’ll also get

questions about types of hazardous materials, like poisons and batteries, as well as the procedures to safely haul them and how to handle emergencies like spills and crashes.

CDL Sample Test Questions

A liquid tank that has no baffles typically transports which of the following most often?
  • Radioactive liquids.
  • Liquid gas.
  • Milk or food products.
  • Gasoline.
A tank has a high center of gravity. This means _______.
  • Much of the load's weight is carried high up off the road.
  • Much of the load's weight is carried low off the road.
  • The vehicle is very heavy.
  • None of the listed answers.
An outage is defined as _______.
  • The loss of power to your hydraulics.
  • The liquid that needs to be drained to prevent your tank from exceeding the legal weight limits.
  • The process of liquid expansion as it becomes warm.
  • None of the listed answers.
Another name for an un-baffled liquid tanker is _______.
  • Smooth-bore tanks.
  • Edgeless tanks.
  • Smooth-bare tanks.
  • Slick tanks.
Dividers inside tankers that have openings at the top and bottom are called _________.
  • Dufflers.
  • Bulkheads.
  • Barriers.
  • Baffles.


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