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CDL Tanker and Hazmat Combo Endorsement X -4

Study for your CDL Tanker and Hazmat Combo Endorsement Test with this FREE Practice Test. 25 practice Questions for CDL Tanker and Hazmat Combo Endorsement Test straight from the CDL hand book, Stop stressing about the test and practice today with our multiple choice practice test.
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CDL Sample Test Questions

A tank should never be driven with ______.
  • New tires.
  • A full tank of gas.
  • Open valves.
  • Working brakes.
Because tanks have a higher center of gravity, you should _________.
  • Take highway curves and on ramp/ off ramp curves well below the posted speeds.
  • Never use your brakes.
  • Drive straight through your journey without stopping.
  • Not drive onto or off ramp curves.
Hauling liquids in tanks require special skills because ________.
  • Liquid is significantly heavier than solids.
  • High center of gravity and liquid's movement.
  • Tanks that carry liquids have more controls.
  • Low center of gravity.
How can you control liquid surge when driving a liquid tanker?
  • Keep a steady pressure on the brakes.
  • Do not release the brakes too soon when coming to a stop.
  • Brake far in advance of a stop.
  • Increase your following distance.
  • All of the listed answers.
In order to drive tank vehicles safely, you must remember to _______ all the safe driving rules.
  • Follow.
  • Obey.
  • Know.
  • All of the listed answers.