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CDL Tanker Endorsement N Practice Test - 5

Pass your CDL Tanker Endorsement Test with ease. Start here by taking this Free 25 question practice test, every question and answer is straight out of the Commercial Drivers License Handbook.

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CDL Tanker Endorsement (N) Practice Test 5

Hauling containers that carry liquids demands more than just a CDL. You will have to go the extra mile of earning a tanker endorsement. Over 90% of rollover crashes occur in tankers ferrying partial liquid loads because they are more prone to sloshing and surging. That tells you the degree of training and skills needed to operate a tanker truck.

To reduce these tanker truck accidents, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has mandated truck drivers seeking to operate special commercial motor vehicles (CMVs), such as tanker trucks, to pass additional tests to obtain proper endorsements on their CDLs. Interestingly, many employers are following suit and leaning more toward truck drivers with a tanker endorsement on their CDL.

If you are ready to brush up on your professional trucking techniques, we can provide you with a safe start. As you aim to take tanker endorsement tests, it is imperative that you fully understand what you are up against to avoid being caught off guard. Through our free CDL tanker endorsement practice tests, we have designed a way to let you in on the DMV requirements for truck drivers looking to upgrade their careers.

All our well-researched and contextually structured practice tests are anchored on the CDL handbook, and you can be sure you are drawing from a reliable source. The 25 practice test multiple choice questions present you with a replica of the DMV's thought process concerning what a tanker truck driver ought to know and how they should behave on the road.

How much should I expect to pay for a tanker endorsement?

Earning a CDL tanker endorsement is fairly cheap. Armed with a valid CDL, you can apply for an endorsement at your local DMV office and expect to part with anything from $ 10 to $ 50 depending on your state of residence.

In some states, the endorsement cost is inclusive of both tanker endorsement and HazMat endorsement. Before application, therefore, check with your local DMV for the specific pricing.

Is it hard to pass my tanker endorsement test?

No, passing a CDL tanker endorsement test doesn't take rocket science. It takes practice. In-depth practice and preparation will equip you with the requisite knowledge and tools to pass the test. There is no better way.

If you happen to fail the crucial test, you'll have to take it again and again until you hit the stipulated pass mark. That translates to more money and time expended on what could have easily been avoided. That's precisely why our knowledge practice test feeds you with only quality and relevant information to help you focus on what matters most.

After taking the practice test, take some time to review any questions you might have answered wrongly. Strive to find a way to answer them correctly before your final test day at the DMV. Understanding the practical side of transporting heavy liquid loads will help keep you and other motorists safe.

Why must I inspect a tank vehicle?

Inspecting a tanker truck before loading, driving, or unloading ensures the vehicle is safe to transport the liquid or gas and is also safe to operate. Tanker trucks come in different shapes and sizes that all have special components. You need to constantly check these components to make sure the vehicle is in top condition.

The items that should never miss in your inspection checklist are:

  • Leaks (tank's shell, valves, pipes, hoses, and connections)
  • Special purpose equipment like vapor recovery kits, emergency shut-off systems, and inbuilt fire extinguisher
  • Vehicle-specific emergency equipment

CDL Sample Test Questions

A "trailer jackknife" is more likely to occur when ________.
  • The trailer is empty or lightly loaded.
  • The trailer is full.
  • The driver is experienced.
  • The trailer is small.
Broken suspension parts can be incredibly dangerous. To avoid any accidents or problems while driving, you should check for _________.
  • Cracked spring hangers.
  • Missing leaves in any leaf spring.
  • Spring hangers that allow axle movement.
  • All of the listed answers.
Drivers should keep the shipping papers of hazardous materials _______.
  • On the driver's seat when the driver is out of the vehicle.
  • In clear view within immediate reach while the seat belt is fastened.
  • In the pouch on the driver's door.
  • All of the listed answers.
Hauling liquids in tanks require special skills because ________.
  • Liquid is significantly heavier than solids.
  • High center of gravity and liquid's movement.
  • Tanks that carry liquids have more controls.
  • Low center of gravity.
How are entries in the Hazardous Materials shown?
  • In the order quantities that are being shipped.
  • From biggest to smallest.
  • In alphabetical order.
  • By brand name.


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