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Class B Commercial Drivers License Practice Test -5

Pass your CDL Class B Test with ease. Start here by taking this Free 25 question practice test, every question and answer is straight out of the Commercial Drivers License Handbook.

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Class B Permit Practice Test 5

If you have chosen a career in the trucking industry, you are off to a good start. Whether you end up specializing as a school bus driver, box truck driver, or straight truck driver, your career prospects in this industry are brighter than before.

With e-commerce transforming every shopping experience into a simple activity for consumers, delivery demand is on the rise. The influx of both domestic and foreign tourists in different parts of the country has also added pressure on the demand for tourist bus drivers. In the same light, the ever-growing population in the country gives rise to more school districts that in turn place a huge demand on skilled school bus drivers.

All the aforementioned driving jobs fall under the Class B permit, which means that obtaining this permit could cost you unnecessary time, money, and effort if you fail to prepare properly. Because you will be required to complete and pass a written knowledge test to gauge your understanding of traffic laws and safe driving practices, you should be fully informed when approaching the test at the DMV.

Part of this critical journey involves practicing with test questions sourced directly from the official CDL handbook to give you a firm grip on the concepts examined. Take our free Knowledge Practice Test and boost your scores.

What skills do I need to become a truck or bus driver?

It takes more than driving a large CMV to be a successful truck or bus driver. You need to combine a few more skills to earn an extra competitive advantage and move from good to great. Some of these skills include:

  • Timely communication with managers and customers under different situations
  • Exceptional organization of logbooks, fuel expenses, trailer numbers, and addresses
  • Driving responsibly and with extra caution while keeping an eye out for the safety of other motorists
  • Navigation skills to maneuver through different states, routes, and roads
  • Excellent driving skills that encompass knowing speed limits, checking mirrors, and anticipating natural disasters
  • Great patience when interacting with different people and road situations
  • Unwavering reliability in keeping your word and adhering to your delivery schedule
  • Excellent customer service to always make the customer feel appreciated, valued, and cared for even when aggrieved
  • Extensive mechanical knowledge to properly maintain the truck and possess the requisite tools the truck may need. This also entails the special ability to rely on sight and sounds to diagnose the truck for safe driving

Is truck driving a lucrative career?

Yes, it is. Obtaining a Class B permit allows you to venture into the trucking industry with a guarantee of charting the best career path. Adding several endorsements on your CDL makes you more attractive and marketable to employers not only as a truck driver but also as a bus driver.

Most carriers and shipping companies have increased the wages of truck drivers in a bid to retain current drivers and attract new ones. New drivers are also currently enticed with attractive salaries and lucrative sign-on bonuses to ensure there are adequate drivers to meet the growing delivery demand for businesses.

Is it hard to pass my CDL Class B Knowledge Test?

Not if you have prepared adequately for it. Passing this test depends on how much you practice. Because our practice tests are free, you can practice as many times as you want until you attain perfect knowledge of what operating Class B commercial vehicles requires.

CDL Sample Test Questions

As a commercial driver, when should you wear seat belts?
  • Only in states where it is required by law.
  • Any time you are operating a moving vehicle.
  • Only when you are travelling on a highway.
  • Only when transporting agricultural products.
As you are checking your hydraulic brakes, you should pump the brake pedal three times and then hold it for how many seconds?
  • 30 seconds.
  • 5 seconds.
  • 10 seconds.
  • 15 seconds.
  • 23 seconds.
Avoid using the parking brakes when ________.
  • The air pressure is low.
  • You are parking.
  • The brakes are very hot.
  • Parking on steep hills.
How many versions of the Class B Pre-trip inspection test are there?
  • One.
  • Five.
  • Three.
  • Six.
  • Two.
If you have committed two serious traffic violations within a three-year period involving a CMV, you will likely lose your CDL at least _______ days.
  • 45
  • 15
  • 60
  • 30


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