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Class C CDL with Hazmat Endorsement Practice Test -3

Need to Pass your CDL Class C w/Hazmat Test! Then start here with FREE Practice Tests for Commercial Drivers. Our practice tests are designed to help you learn the material in the CDL Handbook, Each question is multiple choice and will provide instant feedback.
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Class C CDL with HAZMAT Endorsement Practice Test

Carrying hazardous materials as a CDL holder means you’ll need both a Class C license and a HAZMAT endorsement to do it—so why not study for both at the same time? This free CDL practice test offers double the preparation in one test, with questions pertaining specifically to earning a Class C commercial driver’s license and the HAZMAT endorsement exam.

A Class C commercial driver’s license is required specifically for drivers operating tank vehicles, carrying HAZMAT cargo, and transporting passengers. Our free online Class C and HAZMAT practice exam tests you on the unique information you need to earn this specific license and endorsement, using material taken directly from the federal laws and statutes around commercial driving. What you’ll study is the most accurate and up-to-date facts and figures from the FMCSA and state laws covering how to safely transport hazardous materials, passenger laws and restrictions, and operating requirements for vehicles that fall under a Class C commercial driver’s license.

Your test includes 25 multiple-choice questions that prepare you for the format of the actual exam, with real-time feedback that shows you which topics you need to go back and study should you miss any questions. You can take this CDL practice test as many times as you need to feel fully prepared—after all, it’s completely free!—and study wherever and whenever suits your schedule.

Class C CDL with HAZMAT Endorsement FAQs:

How do I get a HAZMAT endorsement in my state?

To get a HAZMAT endorsement on your Class C CDL, you’ll first need to pass the general CDL knowledge exam as well as the Class C-specific portion to earn the proper class of commercial license. In addition to a separate HAZMAT endorsement exam, these highly specialized endorsements also require a federal background check before you can take the endorsement test.

Can I take my Class C CDL test and HAZMAT endorsement test at the same time?

Most CDL holders earn their Class C commercial driver’s license first before going back to take their HAZMAT endorsement exam. This is because the HAZMAT endorsement requires a lengthy background check process. Once you’ve passed the background check, you can then add the HAZMAT endorsement to your Class C license.

What commercial vehicles require a Class C CDL?

Vehicles that require a Class C type commercial driver’s license include those transporting passengers, HAZMAT, or liquid in tanks.


A high center of gravity means _______.
  • Much of the load's weight is carried high up off the road.
  • Much of the load's weight is carried low off the road.
  • The vehicle is very heavy.
  • None of the listed answers.
During a pre-trip inspection of your vehicle, you can check if your vehicle is leaking by inspecting for _______.
  • Dripping puddles on the underside of the engine and the transmission.
  • Puddles on the ground.
  • Hoses for leaks.
  • All of the listed answers.
During your vehicle's inspection test as you check the oil pressure gauge, you should _______.
  • Check if the pressure gauge shows increasing or normal oil pressure and/or if the warning light goes off.
  • Make sure the warning light blinks red.
  • Make sure the oil temperature gauge decreases below the operating range.
  • None of the listed answers.
Even if you use false bulkheads to keep your livestock cargo bunched together, special care is still necessary especially when you ________.
  • Make a turn and enter a curve.
  • Park at your final stop.
  • Accelerate on an empty road.
  • Turn on your vehicle.
Every ____ hours (or 150 miles, whichever comes first) you should check to ensure your cargo is secure.
  • 5
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 6