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Class C CDL with Hazmat Endorsement Practice Test -5

Pass your CDL Class C w/Hazmat Test with ease. Start here by taking this Free 25 question practice test, every question and answer is straight out of the Commercial Drivers License Handbook.
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Commercial drivers need to be familiar with a number of abbreviations. GVW is one of them and it stands for ________.
  • Gross Vehicle Weight.
  • Gaseous Volume and Weight.
  • Gas Varying Weight.
  • Grand Van Weight.
Drivers transporting chlorine in cargo tanks need to carry ____.
  • Special gloves designated for transporting chlorine.
  • Gas masks.
  • B
  • None of the listed answers.
Entries in the Hazardous Materials Table are shown _______.
  • From biggest to smallest.
  • In alphabetical order.
  • By brand name.
  • In the order quantities that are being shipped.
For commercial drivers, what does GVW stand for?
  • Grand Van Weight.
  • Gross Vehicle Weight.
  • Gas Varying Weight.
  • Gaseous Volume and Weight.
How many mph above the posted speed limit is considered excessive speeding?
  • 3 mph.
  • 10 mph.
  • 15 mph.
  • 5 mph.