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Class C CDL with Passengers Endorsement Practice Test -4

Study for your CDL Class C for Passengers Test with this FREE Practice Test. 25 practice Questions for CDL Class C for Passengers Test straight from the CDL hand book, Stop stressing about the test and practice today with our multiple choice practice test.
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A high center of gravity means _______.
  • Much of the load's weight is carried high up off the road.
  • Much of the load's weight is carried low off the road.
  • The vehicle is very heavy.
  • None of the listed answers.
As a commercial driver, when should you wear seat belts?
  • Only in states where it is required by law.
  • Any time you are operating a moving vehicle.
  • Only when you are travelling on a highway.
  • Only when transporting agricultural products.
Every ____ miles (or every three hours, whichever comes first), you should make sure the cargo is secure.
  • 50
  • 250
  • 225
  • 150
For what offense will you lose your CDL for three years?
  • If you have any detectable amount of alcohol under .04%.
  • If you are caught committing an alcohol-related offense (e.g. leaving the scene of an accident or committing a felony) while operating a CMV that is placarded for hazardous materials.
  • If you are caught committing a serious traffic violation involving a CMV.
  • If you are caught committing an alcohol related offense for the second time.
Generally, you shouldn't try to move an injured person from an accident unless _______.
  • Under no circumstances should you move a severely injured person.
  • Only if you're very strong.
  • There's the danger of fire (or explosion) and/or passing traffic makes it necessary.
  • Only when there's the danger of fire (or explosion).