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Connecticut Driver's License Practice Test

This FREE CT Driver's License Practice Test shows you what kind of questions to expect on your Connecticut Driver's License Test. The online test is quick, free, and gives you immediate results backed by detailed explanations.
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Your First Step: Passing The Connecticut Drivers License Test

You will need to pass the knowledge exam before qualifying to take your practical road test and receive your driver's license. Our DMV practice test will help you learn everything you need to know.

Our Connecticut Drivers License Practice Test Description

Your Connecticut drivers license is your ticket to driving wherever you want to go without relying on someone else to take you. When you get ready to take the knowledge exam, you will first need to download the state's driver's manual and spend some time reading it. The questions on your knowledge exam will come directly from your driver's manual and could be questions concerning driver safety rules, traffic laws and road signs. It might seem like a lot to learn, but with a little hard work, you will learn everything you need to know before the test date. Our practice exams will help you judge how much you have already learned and locate places that require more study time.

Our practice tests consist of 25 questions that are randomly generated from a pool of possibilities each time you begin one. This means you might see new questions each time you take a practice test. While the actual test covers everything in the driver's manual, our practice tests cover the traffic laws. You might see a question about how much room you need to merge into traffic. Another possible question would concern when you are allowed to make a U-turn on the expressway. If you miss a question or feel uncertain, you will be relieved to see the correct answer and corresponding pages in your driver's manual where the information can be found. It is our goal to help making learning fun.

Once you have made an appointment to take your test, you might get worried. You will be happy to know that your actual exam will consist of multiple-choice questions just like ours. You will take your knowledge on a computer. If you have been taking our CT DMV practice test, you will feel comfortable and confident during the actual exam. You will need to get at least 80 percent of the questions right on your exam. The best time to start is right now.

Connecticut DMV Sample Test Questions

A drink of water will not help you sober up quickly.
  • False
  • True
A rat is trying to squeeze between a truck, bus or rv and the curb.
  • False
  • True
Back no-zone is the name of the area where you could get rear-ended by a truck, bus or rv if you cut in front too
  • False
  • True
By looking well down the road, you can drive more safely and what else?
  • Save On Fuel
  • Drive More Recklessly
  • Drive More Slowly
  • Drive More Quickly
Do not look at something in the distance. those things are never more important than _________.
  • Concentrating On Your Immediate Path Of Travel
  • Your Speed
  • Your Following Distance
  • The Destination