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District Of Columbia Driver's License Practice Test 5

Learn how to pass your Driver's License Test the first time! Try our FREE DC Driver's License Practice Test and get familiar with the types of driving questions found on the real DMV test, taken straight from the District Of Columbia manual.
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About what percentage of fatal motorcycle accidents involve cars?
  • 20%.
  • 30%.
  • 50%.
  • 70%.
  • 90%.
How many sides does the sign have to warn of school crossings?
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 8
If entering an interstate, how should you treat the solid painted lines between the entrance and the interstate?
  • Cross them if you like.
  • Never cross the solid painted lines.
  • If you find yourself in a hurry, you may cross them.
  • None of the listed answers.
If you are 18 years old or younger, with a full license with conditions under the GRAD program, what is the latest time you can drive on a weekend?
  • 10:59 PM
  • 9:00 PM
  • 11:59 PM
  • 9:59 PM
  • 11:00 PM
One method to determine safe following distance is to watch the car in front of you pass a reference point, and then count (using "one thousand one..." cadence). Under normal conditions, what number should you minimally reach before you pass the same reference point?
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6