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Delaware Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 4

Get a sneak peek of the questions you may find on the Delaware Motorcycle Test. Our FREE DE Motorcycle Practice Test has questions just like the ones on the real DMV test. Take out FREE practice test today!
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Delaware Motorcycle Permit Practice Test Description

Residents of Delaware who want to ride a motorcycle in the state must visit the DMV and take a written test and motorcycle skills test. We can help you pass the written test.

Obtaining a Delaware Motorcycle Permit

If you desire to ride a motorcycle through the streets of Georgetown or Dover, officials at the Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles insist that you become a legally licensed motorcycle operator. While the application and testing for this process is not rigorous, it will take some time spent studying. A portion of the process requires you to take a vision test, written test and riding skills test. If you need help studying for the written portion of testing, we can definitely assist you. This website was created to help motorcycle enthusiasts become legally licensed motorcycle operators with free resources to study for the DMV test. Our practice tests are similar to the official motorcycle permit test that you will find at the DMV. If you study our practice tests, you should have a better chance at obtaining your Delaware motorcycle permit.

The state does give you some guidance as to the material that will be on the written test. Its topics are covered in the Delaware DMV Motorcycle Handbook Manual. You will find detailed information on topics ranging from carrying passengers and motorcycle gear to braking and riding within your abilities. Studying these subjects will provide you with the insight that you need to pass the written test.

Our practice tests follow the same multiple-choice question structure that is used for the written test administered by the Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles. By taking practice tests, you have a chance to make sure that you fully understand all the material that is laid out in the official handbook. Go through the motorcycle permit practice test questions a number of times until you feel prepared. Once you are confident in your knowledge, visit a Delaware DMV that administers motorcycle licensing tests and apply for the privilege to legally ride your motorcycle.

Delaware DMV Sample Test Questions

Car drivers entering a rider's right of way is the reason for over _______ car/motorcycle crashes.
  • 50%.
  • 25%.
  • 75%.
  • 40%.
For a three-wheel vehicle, the turning diameter at the widest point must be less than ________ .
  • 30 degrees.
  • 40 degrees.
  • 25 degrees.
  • 15 degrees.
How long does it take alcohol that is consumed to reach the brain and start to affect the drinker?
  • Within minutes of being consumed.
  • Within an hour of being consumed.
  • Within 8 hours of being consumed.
  • Alcohol never reaches the brain.
  • None of the listed answers.
If a child is riding with an adult, they should be placed __________.
  • In front of the rider.
  • Immediately behind the rider.
  • In a side car.
  • All of these answers.
If a rider wishes to ride a three-wheel vehicle, they need to ______________.
  • Pass an additional knowledge test.
  • Pass an additional skills test.
  • Obtain a license endorsement specifically for three-wheel vehicles.
  • All of the listed answers.
  • None of the listed answers.