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Delaware Permit Practice Test 2

Take our FREE DE Permit Practice Test today! We offer unique, hand-written questions formed straight from the Delaware Drivers manual to give you a better chance at passing your DMV Test.
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Delaware Teen Permit Practice Test Description

The state of Delaware has set up a DMV permit test designed to test your knowledge of the rules of the road, your understanding of road signs and how to react in a dangerous situation.

Learning to Drive the Right Way from the Beginning

Learning to drive is a very exciting experience. In order to become a good driver, it is important for you to develop good driving habits and techniques from the beginning. With this in mind, the state of Delaware has developed practice tests designed to examine your knowledge of the rules of the road and also to reinforce the importance of proper driving techniques.

The written test you will need to take prior to getting your Delaware driving permit is designed to cover the majority of situations you will see when you are actually behind the wheel. Topics such as road signs, driving in difficult road conditions, responding to emergency vehicles and parking in different conditions will be reviewed in the permit test. Undoubtedly, the time you have spent in a vehicle as a passenger has given you a basic understanding of some of these rules of the road. However, if you do not prepare for your permit test, it is likely that you will not pass it the first time.

In an effort to help you successfully pass your permit test, the DE permit practice test has been created. This permit practice test simulates the questions that will be asked on the DMV permit test. This practice test has been broken down into 20 multiple-choice questions. To pass the test, you must correctly answer 80 percent or 16 of the questions.

There are many different questions that may be asked on the Delaware teen permit test. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you take the practice test multiple times. This way, you will be presented with a wide array of questions on various subjects. This will enable you to be better prepared for any question you may face on the permit test.

In addition to taking the practice test, it is a good idea to reinforce your knowledge by reviewing the Delaware DMV driver

Delaware DMV Sample Test Questions

$2,000.00 is the fine for each subsequent offense occurring within three years of a former offense.
  • False
  • True
A circular intersection is a roundabout.
  • True
  • False
All new licenses will be 2 year licenses.
  • False
  • True
At times, the rider may forget to do _________.
  • Turn The Signal Off
  • Hold The Handlebars Tight
  • Wear A Helmet
  • Check The Oil
Bicycle signal indicators that have the shape of a bicycle have the same meaning as _________.
  • Circular Signal Indicators
  • Pentagonal Signal Indicators
  • Square Signal Indicators
  • Triangular Signal Indicators