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What are the requirements to apply for my driving permit?

The State of Delaware has a graduated driver’s license program with the following requirements:

Level One Learner’s Permit
• You must be between 16 and 18 years of age

• You must submit a Delaware Driver Education Certificate proving that you have successfully completed a certified Delaware Driver’s Education Course. If you have an out-of-state certificate, it must be approved by the Department of Education and submitted to the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

• All driver’s license applications for a minor must be signed by a sponsor who will be held jointly liable for any damages that result due to the minor’s negligence. The sponsor is tasked with determining if the minor driver is ready to handle the responsibility of driving and may designate who will supervise the minor. The sponsor can choose to withdraw his or her endorsement at any time until the minor turns 18. The Delaware DMV prefers sponsors in the following order:

1. The mother or father of the minor if both parents are living in Delaware and the minor resides with them. The minor’s birth certificate will be required for verification.

2. The father of the minor if he lives in Delaware and the child resides only with the father.

3. The mother of the minor if she lives in Delaware and the child resides only with the mother.

4. The mother or the father if they live in Delaware and the minor does not reside with either parent and has no legal guardian in Delaware. Stepparents are not allowed to act as a sponsor unless the minor has been legally adopted or appointed by the legal guardian of the minor.

5. The minor’s court-appointed custodian or legal custodian (must be duly appointed under Delaware State laws).

6. By any person who is found acceptable by the Chief of Driver Services or the Secretary of Transportation.

The sponsor is required to sign the application in the presence of a DMV employee or have their signature notarized on the application.