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Akaska Driver's License Practice Test

This FREE AK Driver's License Practice Test shows you what kind of questions to expect on your Alaska Driver's License Test. The online test is quick, free, and gives you immediate results backed by detailed explanations.
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California has two types of motor-driven cycle licenses: the M1 and M2. The M1 license permits you to drive any motorcycle, moped, motorized scooter, or other motor-driven two- or three-wheel vehicle. General Requirements As with all states and U.S. territories, you must have a valid California driver's license before being able to obtain a California motorcycle license. If you are age 21 or older, the requirements for obtaining your license are:

  • Passing an eye exam
  • Being issued a DMV photograph
  • Giving fingerprint and signatures to the DMV
  • Passing a test on traffic laws and signs, unless a prior test has been taken in the previous 12 months
  • Passing a motorcycle law test

If you're under 21, you must take and pass a Basic Rider Course before obtaining a motorcycle license. If you're over 21 and have taken a CHP-approved motorcycle safety course, the skills portion of your exam may be waived although you may still have to undergo an observation skills test. California Motorcycle Permit Minors must obtain a motorcycle permit before applying for the motorcycle license. If you are between 15 1/2 and 16 years old, you may only obtain the permit, but after age 16, you may apply for a motorcycle license after having had your permit for six months. Applicants for the permit who are under 16 years old must have their parents' written permission to take the exam. California Motorcycle Driving Laws Practice Test It's always a good idea to take a practice test to hone your motorcycle skills. This is especially important in California where you can only take the test three times total. Even though practice tests are not required in California, you should take them anyway. Free practice tests are available here on the Web; they can help you learn the laws and ace the test on the first try. When you take a California Department of Motor Vehicles motorcycle practice test, make sure you familiarize yourself with the California Motorcycle Handbook. This will help you understand the laws and be better prepared for the test. Regardless of your age or where you are in the testing process, it's important to take the California motorcycle driving laws practice test as often as you need to retain the information and keep yourself safe on the road.

California DMV Motorcycle Test: What You Need to Know

Passing the California DMV Motorcycle Test on the first try is not only possible, but necessary. The State of California allows prospective applicants to take the test only three times.

Applicants are encouraged to review the California Driver and Motorcycle Driver Handbook, and the Driving Knowledge Tutorial, all of which are available as interactive pages or as PDF downloads at the CA DMV website. Practice tests and cheat sheets are also a great way to prepare for the test. Unlike manuals and handbooks issued by the state, only practice tests simulate the actual test format, providing test takers a realistic example they can attempt multiple times before they confront the actual test.

There are 25 questions on the test, 20 of which must be answered correctly to receive a passing grade. All tested information is derived from the above mentioned handbooks. Persons under 18 require both parental consent and must hold an M1 or M2 permit for at least six months before taking the test. Applicants under 21 must complete an approved motorcycle rider training course and prove successful completion with supportive documentation. They must also pass an on-road California DMV motorcycle test. An on-road test waiver is given to individuals 21 and over who successfully complete an approved motorcyclist training course.

California's DMV motorcycle permit restrictions are as follows: One cannot drive on highways. One cannot drive during hours of darkness. One cannot transport passengers. Wearing a helmet is the law in California. Aside from risking one's life by not wearing a helmet, one can incur fines up to $250.00 and the penalty of a year's probation.

Alaska DMV Drivers License Renewal

Renewing your Alaska drivers license can be confusing, considering the process and regulations are ever changing. This especially pertains to passing the required tests to continue your driving privilege.Being prepared for what you need to renew your driver’s license in Alaska will save you time, and frustration, after waiting in a long line at a licensing office. Below is the information you should know before seeking your Alaska DMV drivers license renewal.

When To Obtain Your Alaska DMV Drivers License Renewal

Alaska state drivers license holders must obtain their Alaska DMV drivers license renewal prior to the expiration date on the license. Alaska drivers licenses are valid for five years and expire on your birthday.

Documentation Needed

To obtain your Alaska DMV drivers license renewal, you will need to present the proper documents, proving identification. Due to Alaska’s strict identification laws, be sure to bring your current driver’s license, accompanied by one of the following:

  • Original or certified United States birth certificate.
  • Valid United States passport.
  • Certificate of Naturalization.

Upon the implementation of the Real ID Act of 2005, all states must require certain identification documents to issue a state ID card or drivers license. As of December 1, 2014, you will not be able to board a commercial airline flight, enter a federal building, or enter a nuclear site without a state ID that is Real ID compliant. While obtaining your Alaska DMV drivers license renewal, it is recommended you submit the required documentation to become Real ID compliant to avoid having to renew your license again when the Real Id Act is implemented.

Test requirements

Any resident of Alaska, applying for a driver’s license for the first time, will have to pass a written test of general driving safety and knowledge. The written driving test consists of 20 questions, of which a minimum of 16 (80%) must be answered correctly. It is highly recommended you study a practice test prior to taking the actual test. Up to 40% of applicants fail their first test. You may retake the next day, if needed, to pass. Applicants who hold a valid, and current, Alaska drivers license do not have to take the written test.

Other information

The following is a checklist to follow when seeking your Alaska DMV drivers license renewal:

  • Complete the Driver License Application.
  • Study for the written knowledge test with practice tests.
  • Provide the required documents.
  • Take and pass the vision screening test.
  • Take, and pass, a written knowledge test (if applicable).
  • Pay the appropriate fees: $20.00.
  • Relinquish your expiring driver license.
  • Receive your new Alaska driver license.


Alaska DMV New To State Drivers

Relocating to a new state can be confusing, considering every state in the country has its’ own set of laws. This especially pertains to continuing your driving privilege.Being prepared for what you need to obtain a driver’s license in Alaska will save you time and frustration after waiting in a long line at licensing office. Below is the information you should know before seeking your Alaska DMV new to state driver's license.

Residency/When To Get An Alaska DMV Drivers License

The great state of Alaska requires every driver of a motor vehicle on public roads to be licensed through the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). All new to state drivers must acquire an Alaska new to state driver's license within 90 days, if you plan to drive in Alaska for more than 90 days.

Documentation Needed

To obtain an Alaska DMV new to state driver's license, you will need to present the proper documents, proving identification. Every applicant is required to show a valid Social Security Card, a driver’s license from another state, and proof of legal name and date of birth; such as a birth certificate.

Test requirements

Any resident of Alaska, applying for a driver’s license for the first time, will have to pass a written test of general driving safety and knowledge, a road test, a vision test, and an alcohol and drug awareness written test. The written driving test consists of 20 questions, of which a minimum of 16 (80%) must be answered correctly. The test may be taken the next day, if needed to pass. To pass the vision test, you must have at least 20/40 combined vision with, or without, corrective lenses. The alcohol awareness test is a series of multiple choice questions designed to test your knowledge of the relationship between driving and the hazards of alcohol. Applicants who are new to state, and hold a valid driver’s license from another state, do not have to take the road test.

Other information

Alaska DMV offers written and eye tests at no cost. The cost for a road test, if needed, is $15.00, while the fee for the driver’s license is $20.00

Alaska DMV Permit Test: What You Need to Know

Are you ready to take the Alaska DMV permit test? If not, then we have the information you need to prepare and to pass the test on your first try. Here’s what you need to know about the Alaska DMV permit test, and how to obtain it:

Age You Can Get a Permit

You must be at least 14 years old to apply for a learner’s instruction permit, and if under the age of 18, you must have parental consent before they can obtain an original, duplicate or renew a learner’s instruction permit. In Alaska, you can only renew your permit once.

Number of Questions on the Alaska DMV Teen Permit Test

There are 20 questions on the Alaska DMV teen permit test.

% Correct Needed to Pass the Alaska DMV Permit Test

To pass the Alaska DMV permit test, you need to get 80% (or 16) of the questions correct. You also have an unlimited number of chances to pass the test.

Basic Restrictions for Teen Drivers

When driving with your permit, you must be accompanied by another person who is at least 21 years old and holds a valid driver’s license. This individual must have a minimum of one year driving experience, sit in the passenger seat next to the driver, and carry his/her driver’s license at all times. This person doesn’t necessarily need to be a parent or guardian. Although not required, it is recommended that anyone over 14 should attend a former driver’s training course before taking the Alaska DMV teen permit test. Some of the skills you will learn while taking a formal driver’s training course include:

  • Parallel parking
  • Parking on a hill
  • Changing lanes
  • Negotiating an intersection
  • Traffic lights and signals

Wyoming Learners Permit

Welcome to the permit practice test for Wyoming! You can jump right into our free teen driver practice test and see how you do – twenty quick questions and we’ll give you your grade! The driver’s test from WYDOT – Wyoming Department of Transportation – is 25 questions, with 19 correct answers to pass. If your score is looking a little low, try sharpening up with our quick road sign test! Take the sure bet and try our Basic and Advanced Practice – which will get you the insides & outs of the Wyoming Driver’s Test or Permit Test – guaranteed!

In Wyoming, drivers can receive a full license by the age of 16 ½ with a clean driving record, 50 hours of supervised driving time, and having passed a driver’s education course. Full licenses are also available for all 17 year-olds, as long as they’ve had a clean driving record. The learner’s permit costs $20, and will not take be valid until 10 days after issuance. Our practice tests can get your grade to the top of the class, and our blog is always brimming with news and fresh takes on the road. Sign up on our driver’s checklist and we can help you keep track of everything you’ll need to get that driver’s license in your hands and out on the road!

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