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Frequently Asked Questions - Preparing For Your NH Permit Test

You will need to take your NH Permit Test at a local DMV office. You can find a list of available locations near you by visiting this website:
Don't cram the night before your exam. Instead, you should review the notes and information you have already studied. If you've done a thorough job studying, the night before should be a quiet review session. It's also a good idea to take a few practice questions on our website [link]. Get a good night's rest as well.
To have the best chance of passing your NH Permit Test, you should read the entire Manual. The Permit Test will test your knowledge of traffic safety laws, expressway driving, speed limits, traffic violations, driving emergencies, road signs, and other topics that are covered in the NH Driver's Manual.
The NH Permit Test consists of 40 multiple choice questions. You will need to answer 32 of those 40 questions correctly in order to pass.
The best way to study for the NH Permit Test is to read the entire New Hampshire Driver's Manual. Additionally, you can find quiz questions on our website [link] that can act as a supplement to the NH Driver's Manual.
You can find and download a copy of the NH Driver's Manual online by visiting this website:
Yes. If you are under 18 you will need to enroll in a Driver Education Program that is approved by the state of New Hampshire.