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Frequently Asked Questions - Preparing For Your NY Driving Exam (Or Road Test)

For the NY Driving Exam, you need to supply your own vehicle that is in good working condition. The vehicle must be registered and insured and in
You can apply for your NY Driving Exam by visiting the DMV website or by calling your local DMV office. The wait time for the NY Driving Exam is typically two or three weeks so you should make sure your permit does not expire before your road test.
You will complete your NY Driving Exam at your local DMV office.
You should practice driving safely with a licensed driver who is 21 years old or older. Before you are eligible to take your NY Driving Exam, you need to have at least 50 hours of driving time. 15 hours must be completed after sunset, and 10 hours should be completed in heavy traffic.
The Driving Exam will test your ability to drive safely. Some skills you should develop include parallel parking, changing lanes effectively, accelerating smoothly and gradually, brake consistently and appropriately, passing other cars safely.
Applicants fail the NY Driving Exam for many reasons, but there are some common mistakes that you should avoid committing. You should AVOID not coming to a complete stop, changing lanes improperly, checking your mirrors infrequently, parallel parking incorrectly, not using your signals and driving with only one hand on the wheel.
On the day of your NY Driving Exam, you should bring your learner's permit, MV-278 or MV-285 (documents that verify your completion of a 5-hour pre-licensing course or a Student Certificate of Completion), a registered and uninsured and properly equipped vehicle and a driver who is 21 years old or older.
There are many driving schools in NY. You can find more information by visiting the NY DMV website: You should make sure the school allows behind-the-wheel training.
You can drive within the five boroughs of New York City. You can drive through all other counties. You are not able to drive under a tunnel or bridge that is under the jurisdiction of the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority or on the Cross County, Saw Mill River, Hutchinson River or Toconic State parkways in Westchest County. Remember a licensed driver who is 21 years old or older must accompany you at all times.
After you have received your NY permit, you must wait at least 6 months before taking your road test. During this time you should be practicing and developing your driving skills. You are required to complete at least 50 hours of road time practice.
A licensed driver who is 21 years old or older must be sitting next to you while you are driving. When you have your permit, you are not allowed to have passengers under the age of 21 unless they are immediate family members.