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Frequently Asked Questions - Taking Your VA Permit Test

No. The VA Permit test is not open book. You are not allowed to use your VA Driver's Manual or any other supplementary study materials during the VA Permit Test.
No. A drug test is not required.
You will not receive your VA Permit if you fail your permit test. In some cases, you may have to wait 15 days before you are eligible to retake the VA Permit Test. Don't rush retaking your exam. You should study more thoroughly before attempting to retake the VA Permit Test. If you fail the test three times, you have to attend a Driver's Education course.
After you have passed your VA Permit Test, you will receive your VA Learner's Permit. If you are under 19, you must wait 9 months before you can apply for your driver's license. During this time, you will attend a Driver's Education course and get at least 45 hours of behind the wheel training. If you are older than 19, you must hold your permit for at least 60 days unless you can prove that you completed a Driver's Education course. In that instance, you may apply for your license immediately.
A VA Permit costs $3.00. A VA license costs $4 per year. This means if you want a license for 5 years, you will pay $20.00.
There are 35 questions on the VA Permit Test.
You must answer 30 out of the 35 questions correctly.
The VA Permit Test is split into two parts. Part 1 is the road sign test. You must answer all of these questions correctly before you can move onto the next section. Part 2 consists of the remaining questions on the exam (25 questions). It covers traffic laws and safe driving techniques. On this section you can only miss 5 questions.
Generally, test takers confuse speed limits or road signs. However, the biggest mistake you should is NOT studying. Remember to read the entire VA manual and to study thoroughly.
Typically, you will need to bring proof of your identity, proof of your legal presence in the United States and proof of your residency in Virginia. If you have been issued a Social Security Number you will have to provide proof of that as well. The VA DMV website has more information about what documents you should bring with you. Visit here
Yes you do! Visit your local DMV office when you are ready to apply. You can find a list of available locations near you by visiting this website:
In VA, you have to be at least 15 1/2 years old to apply for a Learner's Permit.