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Illinois SOS Handbook (CDL Manual 2024)

Hey there, future road giants of Illinois! Ready to command the big rigs and take on the expansive highways of the Prairie State? The 2023 Illinois CDL manual is your roadmap to mastering the ins and outs of commercial driving. From the expensive interstates around Chicago to the scenic byways that stretch through Shawnee National Forest, there's a whole world of trucking adventures waiting for you. Whether you're a young adult eyeing that Class A, B, or C CDL License or a seasoned driver aiming for a new endorsement, this guide has got your back. 

Once you've soaked in all the knowledge, head over to our CDL guide for more tips and tricks. And when you're feeling confident, test your skills with a practice run. The open road of Illinois awaits, and it's time to answer the call. Let's roll!