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What documents do I need to go to the DMV?

The Kansas Department of Revenue (DOR) requires applicants to submit one document from list A, a second document from list A, B, C or D and proof of residency. Non-citizens must provide proof of lawful presence from list B, a second item from list C or D and proof of residency. Renewal applicants must submit their license or identification card and one item from list E as proof of residency. Applicants for a replacement driver’s license or identification card must present two items from list A, B, C or D a proof of identity and one item from list E as proof of residency. All applicants must provide a Social Security number or one document from list B as proof of lawful presence and proof of residency. All documents must be an original or certified copy.

List A—Documentation for American Citizens or Born in the United States
• United States birth certificate (issued by county, state or federal agency or Department of Justice)
• Birth certificate from a United States territory (Guam, Puerto Rico, U.S. Samoa and U.S. Virgin Islands)
• United States passport or passport card (not expired)
• United States military identification (active duty, dependent, retired, reserve or National Guard not expired)
• Certified Order of Adoption (must be an original United States document)
• Certificate of Naturalization with photo (Form N-550, N-570 or N-578)
• Certificate of United States Citizenship (Form N-560, N-561 or N-645)
• United States military Common Access Card with photo, date of birth, name and branch of service
• Consular Report of Birth Abroad (issued by United States government)

List B—Documentation for Non-Citizens or Not Born in the United States
• Valid foreign passport with I-94 or “Processed for I-551” stamp with departure date more than 60 days in the future (no border crossing cards)
• I-94 with refuges status (passport is not required)
• Valid I-551 Resident Alien or Permanent Resident Card
• Valid Employment Authorization with photo (issued by United States Department of Justice)

List C—Documentation for Proof of Name Change
• Certified marriage certificate issued by United States city, county or state
• Certified divorce decree (United States with official signature)
• Certified court order of name change (United States only)
• Certified court order of adoption
• Marriage certificate from foreign country (must be translated if not in English)

List D—Documentation for Replacement of Kansas Driver’s License or Identification Card
• Valid motor vehicle registration with signature
• Selective Service Card with signature
• Valid life insurance policy or card
• Kansas vehicle title
• High school diploma or GED
• Valid Kansas school or college identification card with photo or school yearbook with photo less than three years old (must be commercially produced)
• Professional license
• Medicare identification card
• Student identification card
• Employee identification card
• Parole documents
• Medical records
• Kansas voter registration card
• Driver’s license or identification card with photo from any state
• Copy of state or federal income tax return with signature of the person
• Identification certificate issued by the Department of Corrections to offender under supervision of the Secretary of Corrections

List E—Documentation for Proof of Residency (Must be in applicant’s name)
• Kansas school forms (tuition invoices, receipts, report cards, class schedule, DE-99) or transcripts with applicant’s Kansas address or school, college or university records with student’s name and Kansas address and valid school or college identification card with photo
• Utility bills with Kansas address
• Property tax bill or receipt with Kansas address
• Kansas mortgage documents or homeowner insurance documents with Kansas residence or proof of home ownership with Kansas address
• W-2 form with applicants name and Kansas address (less than 18 months old)
• Valid Kansas motor vehicle registration
• Proof of Kansas public assistance with Kansas address
• Residential rental or lease agreement with Kansas address, credit card statement with address issued within last 90 days, checking or savings account statement within last 60 days
• Payroll check stub issued within the last two months imprinted with residential address
• Original bank statement issued by Kansas bank less than two months old with Kansas residential address
• Utility bill less than two month old issued to applicant (cell phone and pager bills are unacceptable)
• Current automobile, homeowners or life insurance bill including name and address of applicant (policies or cards are unacceptable)
• Copies of school transcripts or records from Kansas school where applicant is currently attending
• Driver’s license, learner’s permit or DMV issued identification card with photo or renewal notice displaying applicant’s current address
• United States Postal Service change of address confirmation form or postmarked U.S. mail with forwarding address label displaying applicant’s name
• Letter from social welfare institution stating applicant is a resident of the facility
• Identification certificate issued by the Department of Corrections to offender under supervision of the Secretary of Corrections