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Kansas Driver's License Practice Test 4

Find out how prepared you really are for the DMV Driver's License Test. Take our KS Driver's License Practice Test for FREE, then see how well you scored. Get detailed answers and helpful information instantly online.
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Your Kansas Drivers License Test Shows How Much You Have Learned

Your Kansas drivers license allows you to drive without an instructor wherever you need to go. Our practice tests encourage you to learn more and build a working knowledge of laws and safety rules.

Kansas Drivers License Practice Test Description

The time is coming when you will be able to get your Kansas driver's license and the freedom to go where you want anytime. In order to take your practical road test, you will need to first pass the knowledge exam. While there is plenty to learn before taking the test, you will be relieved to learn there is not anything difficult or tricky. It just might be new to you. You will need to show you understand the driver safety rules, traffic laws and road signs for Kansas. Fortunately, the state driver's manual has all that information inside. Your local Department of Motor Vehicles can provide you with a copy, or you can download an electronic copy now. Learning the information will make passing your test a breeze.

Our DMV practice test is a great way to master the rules and laws. Our tests offer you a fresh learning opportunity each time you take them. With 25 randomized, multiple-choice questions, there is always something to review. Taking practice tests often works to your advantage because the questions change each time. On our KS DMV practice test, you might be asked how much space you need to merge with oncoming traffic or how many people you can have in the car if you're under a certain age. All these questions are designed to make you a better and more confident driver once you get your license.

On test day, you'll want to arrive with confidence. Your knowledge exam is set up in the same format as our practice quizzes. The questions are multiple choice, allowing you to choose the correct answer. From our practice tests, you will already be in the habit of selecting the best response. You will need to get 80 percent of the questions right to be able to take your road test, so start studying today.

Kansas DMV Sample Test Questions

A tractor-trailer traveling at 55 mph on a clear, dry roadway requires a minimum of ____ feet to come to a complete stop.
  • 550
  • 460
  • 340
  • 290
  • 180
Commercial class A vehicles include any combination of vehicles with a gross combination weight of ______________.
  • 16,001 pounds or more.
  • 20,000 pounds or more.
  • 26,001 pounds or more.
  • None of the listed answers.
Diamond shaped serves as a sign that indicates:
  • A warning sign.
  • A regulatory sign.
  • A yield sign.
  • A school sign.
  • None of the answers listed.
How many official sign classifications are there?
  • 3
  • 5
  • 2
  • 8
  • 6
How old do you have to be to be issued a farm permit?
  • 14 or 15.
  • 15 or 16.
  • 16 or 17.
  • 17 or 18.
  • 18 or 19.