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Kansas Permit Practice Test 5

Your Permit Test is coming up, and we're here to help you pass! Study by taking our QUICK and FREE KS Permit Practice Test. Just answer 25 multiple choice questions, and receive detailed answers directly from the manual.
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Kansas Teen Permit Practice Test Description

If you wish to obtain a Kansas teen permit, you will need to first pass a DMV permit test. The KS permit practice test is a proven way to prepare for the test.

How to Study for the Kansas Driving Permit

Getting your driving permit symbolizes a new level of freedom. However, as in other states, teen drivers in Kansas are required to take a DMV permit test before being granted a driving permit. This means you need to study and be well prepared before going to the DMV testing center. To ensure that you pass the very first time, you need to study with the right DMV exam preparatory materials. That's where our KS permit practice test can help. This practice test is an excellent way to learn about the type of questions that you will see on the Kansas driving permit exam and ensure that you're well prepared. These practice tests are available online, so you can get instant access from wherever is most comfortable and convenient for you.

It seems that some test takers expect to pass the DMV permit test simply by going to the testing office. If you do not want to return to go through the frustration of taking the DMV test all over again, then get access to our KS permit practice test so that you can boost your chances of passing the very first time. With statistics showing that the majority of teens leave the DMV office empty handed, it


A 150-car freight train travels at a speed of what?
  • 30 mph.
  • 35 mph.
  • 40 mph.
  • 45 mph.
  • 25 mph.
A sign with a downward-pointing triangle always indicates:
  • No passing zone.
  • Yield.
  • Wrong way.
  • Reduced speed ahead.
  • Railroad crossing.
Between what time of the year is it legal to have studs in snow tires?
  • Between October 1 and May 15.
  • Between December 1 and March 15.
  • Between October 1 and April 15.
  • Between December 1 and May 15.
  • Between November 1 and April 15.
How many days do you have to notify the Division of Vehicles, in writing, when your name or address changes?
  • 5
  • 10
  • 15
  • 3
  • 7
How many seconds is a safe following distance?
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 10
  • 5