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What documents do I need to go to the DMV?

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is equivalent to a Department of Motor Vehicles and they require the following documents for proof of identity, residence and Social Security number. The documents must be an original or certified copy:

Proof of Identity
• Birth certificate issued by federal or state agency
• United States passport
• Valid foreign passport with United States immigration document
• Resident Alien Card

Proof of Residence
• Bank statement
• Utility bill
• Pay stub
• Mortgage documents
• Lease or rental agreement

Proof of Social Security Number
• Social Security card (laminated or metal cards not accepted)
• Social Security number

If the Social Security card does not contain the applicant’s legal name, the information must be updated in the Federal Social Security Administration database. Applicants between 16 and 17 will also need to submit proof that they have completed an approved driver’s education course.