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Massachusetts Road Signs and Traffic Signals Test

Practice your Massachusetts Road Signs and Traffic Signals with this FREE practice test!
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Driving in Massachusetts: What You Need to Know

If you are looking to obtain a Class C, D or M license in Massachusetts, you will need to first take a knowledge test on state driving practices. From there, you can take the appropriate driving exams in order to get the desired license.

Getting Your License in MA

In Massachusetts, you will need to be at least 16 years of age to get a license. Additionally:
  • You need to bring proper documentation.
  • You need to apply for a permit if between 15 and 18 years of age.
  • You need parental consent if under the age of 18.
You will be able to schedule a driving exam if you have met the basic requirements, which includes having your permit for at least six months and having no citations. Once you have your Class D license, you can then choose to seek additional licensing based upon the type of vehicle that you will be driving, such as a motorcycle or a commercial vehicle. Prior to getting any kind of license with the state of Massachusetts, the knowledge test needs to be taken and passed. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation Road Sign Practice Test can help you to prepare.

Passing the Massachusetts Written Exam

The written exam required to obtain a driver's license is made up of multiple choice questions regarding Massachusetts driving laws as well as the road and traffic signs encountered by various drivers. You will want to read through the driver's manual provided by the state of Massachusetts. Make sure you know the material thoroughly before attempting to take your written exam.

Massachusetts Department of Transportation Traffic Sign Practice Test

To help you study, you should take the Massachusetts Road Sign Practice Test. This online test is free for you to take as many times as needed. There are more than 50 road and traffic signs included, and each test features 25 questions picked randomly to review the meanings of various road and traffic signs. The Massachusetts Traffic Sign Practice Test will help prepare you for the array of signs included on the official written exam, and you will need to know about them all in order to pass and qualify for your license.

Massachusetts RMV Sample Test Questions

Near a controlled intersection, this white rectangular sign with black lettering and symbol indicates that:
  • There is a pedestrian crosswalk.
  • It is recommended to stop behind this location.
  • Parking allowed.
  • You must stop behind indicated mark when traffic light is red.
This black, rectangular sign with a white arrow and black lettering means what?
  • Traffic may ONLY go in this one direction.
  • Traffic is advised to go this direction unless it's clear.
  • Turn on your headlights and proceed with caution.
  • You can drive the opposite direction if in reverse.
This rectangular sign with black text on a white background signifies what?
  • Road closed.
  • Posted speed limit.
  • Merge.
  • Bus lane.
This rectangular sign, with red background and white text, can supplement what common traffic sign?
  • Work zone signs.
  • Prohibited parking signs.
  • Speed limit signs.
  • All intersection directions that have stop requirements.
This rectangular white sign with black lettering let's you know that:
  • This is a no-pass zone.
  • Passing is permitted when it is safe.
  • You may pass on the shoulder.
  • If you use your horn, drivers must pull over.


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